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  1. Got Boost

    trust me all of youre advice goes a long way and any actual tips or links you could provide me would help a lot i downloaded a 20 hour course like 2 years ago that taught me most of this but for example my signature was all made by hand i didn't use background images and if you have a chance i could share my PSD files if you'd like to critique me but atm the elipse tool is my best friend alound with alot of the blurs
  2. Got Boost

    super donator has a miniboss area btw and penguines has 3 floors you can take the portal to tele up
  3. Got Boost

    IGN Got Boost Rank Executive Suggestions; 1. Executive zone should have all NPC's stacked next to each other and be available to attack with any style Olaf, Necro, Magegray and also possibly add Amorth's 2. Add a slayer boss in Exec zone for only Executive NPC's at the zone including the raids. 3. Add extra incentive for elo platinum gets 2 percent per day every1 else gets 1 why not make exec get the oriiginal 1 percent + 1 if we kill lets say 1k npcs at Executive zone or whatever you may decide. that way exec players have the option to grind for what plats get for free. 4 .Add a Store to Executive zone that buys ingame items for market value EKS 45q cash ak asiii 45q cash devious sets crystal sets etcc (game has huge money sinks but no item sinks i think this would be a huge benifit for the eco aswell as giving the dedicated players who have donated $1000+ to the server to basically insta sell their items) (also this will raise prices of items aswell in market with will make people want to donate for the weapons aswell. 5.on the executive cape remove the boost thing and add exec buff option that gives aa 2-5 hour muscle milk effect and gives 15 percent dr ddr and luck for 1 hours or 2 hours and once it expries you can make it like 5q for an extra hour etccc 6. Add more to Executive raid tbh i get better loots in less than half the time at the actual raid even tho i can do 2-3 exec raids in the time it takes me to do 1 diablo or raiden 7. at the exec zone consider adding a rank for upping the MM we are aloud to carry plat members can MM any amount but execs are stcuck at the same 10q? why not bump it to 25 or 50q? for another rank.
  4. Got Boost

    Thank you for your input blending is important but i like the way the boldness works my blending skills are Intermediate at best but i plan to improve over time and again thanks for the input just motivates me to get that much better!
  5. Got Boost

    No i use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 and the videos where dont with adobe After Affects 2017
  6. Got Boost

    depending on how complex its is anywhere from 1hour-2 hours for somethign simple and if its complex and im making almost everythign from scartch lets say 12hrs -18hrs
  7. I will not be able to make it got called into work IGN: Got Boost(exec) Discord: Got Boost - Pinkie#2039 Timezone :PST
  8. Got Boost

    homie any gfx artist that actually has experience like me would be charging 50-100 ea lol because i did this professionally at one point but im not charging anything if some1 wants to tip me tho i will appreciate it haha im doing this to help the community:) i would like to go for GFX artist rank but i dont think this stuff gets enough recognition for me to even reply haha
  9. Got Boost

    Its no problem guys just give me alittle bit of time i have @diabolii is ahead once i knock his out ill start working on yours!
  10. Got Boost

    usally id like to say it take 1-2days only because i do my best to making everything from scratch via backgrounds likr that space all the planets flairs stars are made from scratch haha
  11. Got Boost

    patience got 3 hours of sleep itw only 9:30 here lol didnt i say atleast 1 day?
  12. Got Boost

    for you any ttime!
  13. Got Boost

    ill knock it out tomrrow or the next day
  14. Got Boost

    thank you!

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