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  1. Got Boost

    ill knock it out tomrrow or the next day
  2. Got Boost

    thank you!
  3. Got Boost

    sure think just message me the details what style colors background an text
  4. Got Boost

    thank you brotha
  5. Got Boost

    Hey boys I'm sure some of you know me in-game but here's a side of me you might not know about i love GFX live animations and short film introductions I used to do this in my past time for other servers I would play for the clans I would join and more some would be for money some would be just to help out fellow members in the community check out my work and let me know what you think the 2 video intros are fairly old but the 2 signatures are my first 2 jobs iv done since 2016 so lemme know what you think all constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated PS. I have a lot more work done the forums simple won't let me upload due to file size PS all space backgrounds and details are made by scratch i didnt use a base this all started from a black canvas not a premade image
  6. Got Boost

    thats why i think this idea would work because its even for every1 and i know i would do it being an endgame player and a beginner could do it aswell at ease in the start of the game
  7. Got Boost

    broo last night i sat there refresshing the page on my second montior until iw went to sleep lol 15min later they went up lmfaooo just gotta be more on it haha im try again today if drax and check decide to do it again
  8. Got Boost

    its just an idea and everything should be changed i was fairly intoxicated when i made this post lol but the price gap would be if the monster arent 1 hit ablle like the invictus lets say with the wep only you can hit a max of 40 and with the full armor you can hit 200 it would make kill time much faster with this it would make cash flow come in alot faster so it was kinda like a balance idea for me so its not too overpowered
  9. Got Boost

    Well hi all I know most of you already know who I am and im here to try and point out a new problem for new players and some mid tier players ...with the nerf on Rev Caves and Arcade with smb price being upped to 2k and donar tickets being removed from wildy pts shop it seems we have fallen in a bit of a predicament.. But I think i have an idea to resolve this issue with very minimal work on the staff team and something all players can take advantage of where its 100% equal for everybody! The idea... The way the i want to copy think of possibility of adding invictus npc's and one is where you need an invictus sword spear cbow etc.... is the idea ::boxzone or whatever with penguines again or any npc where you need to use a specific weapon and or armor for example rodium sword cbow spear axe staff whatever to kill these npc's the weapons can we acquired for a flat fee of 1t or 5t and the armor could be 5qaud per peice the weapons are the only thing you can use at this zone and the armor is the only equiptment you can wear at this zone and the armor gives you basic stats but its the only gear you are aloud to have in this zone the npc's can have 250-500hp with a 1:15 chance of dropping mbox 1:100 of dropping a Super mbox and 1:200 of dropping a donar ticketit would be fair for everyone because no op gear can be used aswell and no op weapons an end game player would have to use the same weapons a new player uses and they have to buy the same armor aswell but it would keep it level it would stop these items from phunneling into the eco aswell because of the fact that you cant run in with bfg's and 1 bang 70 at a time it would be single combat with no aoe i just see this being a very viable solution to a problem that everyone can enjoy in the game PS. I think this will help with player retention because of the fact thatl be able to make decent cash from the getgo without donating so as they grow thru the ranks and upgrade gear and try raids they can say hey i like this server im going to donate for extreme or sponsor or an ownercape to unlock more content i wanna stick around blah blah blah sorry i know im babbling but i honestly do see this as a viable solution comment what you think about it -Drunky out
  10. Got Boost

    I think the Emp ring should have a prayer regain aswell as a raids damage buff(this one is hit or miss) in my opinion i think prayer regain should be a must tho seeing how its the best ring in game aswell as a 400 dollar donation(it should also be more expensive considering heli pet is 800 dollar donation and this ring is alot better)
  11. Got Boost

    Username: Got boostRank In-game: exec roof (screenshot):
  12. Got Boost

  13. Hi boys for any new competitive players playing season 2 feel free to hit me up for any help or advice I took home Season 1’s Kill count and Gems and Im more than happy to help you guys find and do the most effective and Efficient strats for the competition Goodluck to all the players and may the best #DSGANG grinder win!
  14. Got Boost

    I won the event and i still think this is Overpowered regardless of winning the first season the first winners shouldnt have an advantage this big against the nee possible winners