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  1. Saur0n

    Good luck to all the participants!
  2. Saur0n

    Welcome! if you have any questions or just need a friend pm me
  3. Saur0n

    what are the boots called? and are they tradable?
  4. Saur0n

    I don't really see the point of this. Sorry it's a no vouch from me 😞
  5. Saur0n

    Thank you for putting alot of time and thought into this suggestion! Personally I would love to see this come into the game. 100% Vouch from me
  6. Saur0n

    Thanks for posting a money making guide
  7. Saur0n

    Welcome! Feel free to message me either ingame or on the forums saying hello
  8. Saur0n

    i rather have the ironman shop as this will not effect the economy
  9. Saur0n

    I would like to see this come into the game 100% vouch
  10. Saur0n

    this is awesome! i might have to donate for some of these goodies
  11. Saur0n

    I'm glad you enjoy the ironman mode
  12. Saur0n

    Username:Saur0nRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/pxJjaeW
  13. Thanks for the hard work!
  14. Saur0n

    Thanks for the clarification

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