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  1. Saur0n

    I like to the idea. One change I might propose is to make it top 2 instead of top 3. The reason why is that I think that 3 prizes per category is to many.
  2. Love this update! Good to see a way to combat against the botting activity. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!
  3. Saur0n

    I think that this is a great suggestion. For an item that is considered endgame it should have better damage.
  4. Saur0n

    Dude! I log out for 10 minutes and boxs go up and are all gone LOL!
  5. Saur0n

    I don't know why but i love this so much! Thank you for posting screenshots. Thanks for updating the post and good luck!
  6. Saur0n

    Thanks for compiling this list much appreciated!
  7. Saur0n

    These boxes have tons of awesome stuff! Wish I could buy some right now
  8. ING: Saur0n Timezone: EST Goodluck everyone!
  9. Saur0n

    how long does it take you to make a piece on average?
  10. Saur0n

    I like the idea! It will help new players a lot i think
  11. Saur0n

    This is some boss level stuff. I really like the second video "Gore's Computer".
  12. Wow! awesome trip. I wish I had the platinum rank to be eligible to come along. Have fun you guys looks!
  13. Saur0n

    I think that this is a great idea! Anything for new/ mid game is what the server needs. The drops may need to be changed to either higher drop rates or different items but overall I like this. +1 Support From me
  14. Saur0n

    Dude! These boxs sell out so fast. I can't get my hands on any of them.