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  1. Saur0n

    Welcome Back Hope to talk to you ingame
  2. Saur0n

    I think that it will be very cool to showcase the custom items. This would give people ideas of what to get on there own custom.
  3. until

  4. Saur0n

    I wish i was here to say goodbye 😞
  5. Hope i can make it to some
  6. Saur0n

    currently I have being playing modern warfare on Xbox. I play anything really though.
  7. Saur0n

    Interesting idea. I don't see the purpose of the development team to spend time on this. Neutral
  8. Saur0n

    Congrats to all the winners!
  9. Saur0n

    Welcome to the forums side of ds. I love to see the community connect on both levels hope to see you in game
  10. Saur0n

    I like the new rainbow emp set that the plats got.
  11. Saur0n

    This will be awesome!
  12. Saur0n

    Support from me
  13. Saur0n


    I hope i can make it
  14. Good luck everyone!

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