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  1. This is a great idea. Good job team!
  2. Saur0n

    i agree 100%!
  3. Saur0n

    Dude, I always love to see drops! Good Job!
  4. Great update! love the dicezone!
  5. Saur0n

    It's been over 2 weeks. Can I get my rank lol?
  6. Saur0n

    Thanks for all hard work!
  7. Saur0n

    Dude I love seeing the pics! Keep me updated Sincerely, Saur0n
  8. Saur0n

    No vouch from me. What is the point of Tribrid cape if so many other capes have way better stats. This will make content dead which I am not for. Also, I rather the devs spend more time on other updates. Sincerely, Saur0n
  9. Saur0n

    Username: Saur0n Rank In-game: Sponsor Proof (screenshot):
  10. Saur0n

    love to see the loot tab Sincerely, Saur0n

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