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  1. Saur0n

    I agree with 1atte. Batman is best in slot dps for range outside of customs i believe. why make it also have Dr% DDR% and luck makes little sense to me. Disagree
  2. Saur0n

    i think a revamp is order for the arcade shop. My only fear is it wont be balanced as there are so many arcade tokens coming into the game. 100% vouch from as long as they revamp correctly.
  3. Saur0n

    The cape from scav shop gives you your own zone by clicking operate on it
  4. Awesome crate for the plat boys!
  5. Saur0n

    Hello Ansity, Thanks for this awesome suggestion. 100% vouch for me as I would love to see a video of 100 casket openings. Sincerly, Saur0n
  6. Saur0n

    i'm roughly at 3,840 hours played in game.
  7. Saur0n

    I 100% agree. Tob needs a rework especially since weapon battle pass has been released
  8. Saur0n

    its a no vouch from me. I rather the devs spend their time on real content.
  9. Saur0n

    These deals are super crazy!!!!!
  10. Awesome update! Thanks for keeping clear communication with the community.
  11. Saur0n

    Good luck to all the participants!
  12. Saur0n

    Welcome! if you have any questions or just need a friend pm me
  13. Saur0n

    what are the boots called? and are they tradable?
  14. Saur0n

    I don't really see the point of this. Sorry it's a no vouch from me 😞
  15. Saur0n

    Thank you for putting alot of time and thought into this suggestion! Personally I would love to see this come into the game. 100% Vouch from me

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