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  1. brawler

    I would say keep them about the same pricing as what's in the scavenger shop already, as you don't really aquire a lot of points for what gets sold into it compared to what you could get from other players for either donations or ingame cash.
  2. brawler

    I would like to see multiple untradeable items such as BFG9000, Trix amulets, space boxing gloves, etc. added to the upgrade sell shop. These items, if they are obtained by donations and people already have, are useless to the players and the eco and waste valuable bank space. These items wouldn't have a strong effect on the eco as they are untradeable and would provide more incentive towards buying and selling stuff from the upgrade shop. This could also increase the value of top tier boots and amulets that have been flooding into the game as of late. I believe this would strongly benefit the server and its economy.