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  1. Hc remis

    What programms are u using? And are u using drawing tab?
  2. Hc remis

    oh yh i forgot about end prize, so mby top2 mby can get like 100$ or something i guess so it make it more rewarding for runner ups
  3. Hc remis

    Hello, like in all competition we see that top 3 best person get nomination, so u wanted to suggest rewards to top 3 in all nominations.(top kills,gems,skilling and so on) like for ex. Top1= 1000$+ extra like amazon gift card Top2=500$ top3=100$-250$ I think that this rewarding system will boost all comp player try hard mod to reach top 3. But that just my suggestion, i want to hear what other player have to say about it :).
  4. This looks more then sick...So platinum rank was 5k hmmm 😏
  5. Hc remis

    Woow they look sick O_O
  6. Nice update to comp mode, loving how ds;go works. Cool update.
  7. Hc remis

    Love this event, this will show what server wants from comp mod and where is needed inprovment!
  8. Will need to try out this epic webgame for sure
  9. Wow this updates looks so good, Hyped to check it out. Good work all
  10. Hc remis

    Gzz to all and so happy to be nominated to ^^