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  1. Hc remis

    time to grind again, gl all
  2. Hc remis

    Gz to all. Good work all comp accounts
  3. Hc remis

  4. Hc remis

    What programms are u using? And are u using drawing tab?
  5. wow nice work, this will help a lot new player.
  6. This looks more then sick...So platinum rank was 5k hmmm 😏
  7. Hc remis

    Woow they look sick O_O
  8. IGN: Hc remis timezone: UTC +2
  9. Nice update to comp mode, loving how ds;go works. Cool update.
  10. Hc remis

    Love this event, this will show what server wants from comp mod and where is needed inprovment!
  11. Will need to try out this epic webgame for sure
  12. Wow this updates looks so good, Hyped to check it out. Good work all