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  1. Cue

    This is awesome man! Really cool to see the chances of rates. Necro looks like it's a bit of a pain haha.
  2. Cue

    I would say maybe adding a filter option, completed, uncompleted, started ect. Also adding a collect all button so you don't have to click and claim each and every one.
  3. Ooooof another sexy box! Good luck to all...
  4. Cue

    I do not vouch for this. The rewards are already worth $5,000 USD. That is a tonne, so much money. So if this was to happen, it would need to stay at $1,000 as the prize, but split into 3 sums. Adding more money to it is just crazy.
  5. Dang the incentive, I wish everyone good luck! If I could come along to even watch I would!
  6. Cue

    Hey there Floppy. Look you are an awesome guy and there is no denying that you are around the dice zone. Although I have never seen you taking the time to MM pots. This shows in you completely missing the section where you need to post screenshots of your MMing. Also you do not meet the required 25 post count. I think you are a good fit for joining us here on the TD team, but you need to follow the requirements and follow the format. For now, I will say - Neutral Check out
  7. Absolutely amazing seeing all these updates! Great to see the constant complaints about money making methods for newcomers be heard and something done about it. This is what I love, a staff team who listens to their community. This is what community is about and what brings them together.
  8. Cue

    Damn still going bro! Good to see the gains my man 😄
  9. These boxes are crazy. Some super super juicy loot to be had from this!
  10. Cue

    Perfect how about a sexy Trusted Dicer one? Gold and white colours, maybe Dice bag and flowers Render? Block Letters are my Favourite. Cue Main Text, Sub Text Trusted Dicer.. Idk suprise me bud ❤️
  11. This looks absolutely amazing. If only I could spare $5k to the game... Maybe one day I'll have that plat rank 😛
  12. Cue

    Super awesome stuff here Boost. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and maybe one day I'll have to grab one of these off you!
  13. Cue

    This is a good idea, maybe chuck this together and upload it in the suggestions section of the forums. I do agree we need to implement something that is going to keep our Newcomers in the server. Nothing worse than coming to a server where you are starting out and can't make any progress.