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  1. Mixed feelings on this update. I made a forum post requesting a fix to allow seasonal ironmen into instanced zone. This unfortunately was not implemented. I havent played in a couple weeks anticipating that update so I could do more bossing, but alas were in the same boat we were in. Feels bad.
  2. Much HC WOW

    Well lets put it into perspective. Currently im competitive max level with full american pernix golden ak47 and archer boots. Currently soloing raids is not possible and any raid that has other people I just get out DPS and shoved to 4th+ place. Where am I supposed to go for my next power spike? What is the appropriate boss to be farming at my level for progression?
  3. Much HC WOW

    Im a full day in game so far and what ive come to find is that droprates seem to be abysmally low for a ps. Dreamscape also came up on my FB newsfeed in an ad, and when I read the comments all I could see were people saying to avoid the server because you wont be able to progress unless you drop a thousand dollars on it. The server is great on content, and the cash shop is perfectly fine, but it shouldnt be almost unplayable for those who cant afford to drop 500$ on mystery boxes. The low drop rate is deterring literally hundreds of possible players. 2K KC for soulflare from a boss with 10K HP? For a non donating solo player who manages to somehow get a assault rifle and soulsplit, this will take about 3/4 minutes per kill, adding up to over 600 hours of grinding for a mid tier weapon thats required to even attempt any mid/late game content. Thats acutally statistically longer than it would take for a 4man team in OSRS to get multiple sigil drops. That makes sense for items like oblivion pieces/theatre of blood gear, sure, but not for a weapon basically necessary to progress to more content. All im saying is that tweaking drop rates so that players have access to at least mid level gear and content will bring a lot more players to the community.
  4. Much HC WOW

    sooner the better on this one ;D
  5. Much HC WOW

    when is next update?
  6. Progression soft capped for comp ironmen at lower middle tiers of content because we cant get drops from instance zone and also have the inability to trade. Ironmen were given instance zone for a reason. Would make sense to pass that on to comp iron men as well.