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  1. looks great, at least now new players has a chance to get somewhere , good job!
  2. diabolii

    then let ur work make some noise and everyone will notice you, just let ur skills do the talking for you and you will be just fine XD
  3. diabolii

    im looking forward for my cut's yeah?
  4. diabolii

    lol feels like i brought u alot of customers XDD
  5. diabolii

    im just kidding bro take your time but take in mind i do wait for you to make that for me ❤️
  6. diabolii

    oh lol its its 18:30 here so its been like a day for me XD
  7. diabolii

    Username: diaboliiRank In-game: extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  8. diabolii

    wow great job man just noticed it now ill know which box to hunt XD thanx alot
  9. diabolii

    still waiting just so u know XD
  10. diabolii

    im look forward it XD lol im exited
  11. diabolii

    i dont have a style lol XDD im trusting u to surprise me, im sure anything u will do will be perfect ❤️
  12. diabolii

    would you make me 1 too? hope you have the time for that XDD
  13. diabolii

    nice work bro, looks really good
  14. wooow too bad im not plat 😞 looks awsome
  15. diabolii

    wow looks tough tho, but u gave me an idea how to progress now what kind of what to expect