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  1. Kevin L

  2. Kevin L

    Nice goal Bruh that is a lot of Scanverger XP.
  3. Kevin L

    Very nice from Blazin, I need to learn ToB :).
  4. Kevin L

    Very nice job dude, if I ever need a art work, I know who to reach now.
  5. Kevin L

    Hey there, My favorite thing to do is Arcades, about drop rates, what we need to understand is that on this server even tho, you are not an executive you can gear up with items to kills npcs really fast, so by the time that we see our KC 10k+n if we look at it from a point of the real RS, this would be like 300 KC really compare to the speed.
  6. Kevin L

    Vouch for this, this will not affect the gameplay.
  7. Kevin L

    Username: Kevin LRank In-game: Extreme Donator Proof (screenshot):