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  1. Very Clean

    Glad that I could get it right and do exactly what you were interested in!
  2. Very Clean

    Made this for Dreamz40. Another happy customer!
  3. Very Clean

    Glad you like it!
  4. Very Clean

    After quite awhile, and much changing, here is exactly what you wanted Enjoy!
  5. My name is Very Graphic, and this is my Graphics Shop. I've been doing Graphics work for quite a bit now, and still trying to get better. Thank you for taking the time out to view my shop! Lets get on with it! In my shop, I'll be providing Graphics work for the following: Profile Pictures Signatures Profile Cover Photos Requests The requests, I will do something specific that someone would want that doens't fall under the categories above. If interested in work, please fill out the following: Type of Work : Main Color : Sub Color : Main Text : Sub Text : Render : Additional Notes/Requests : (NOTE - If you don't know what a render is, it's basically a picture of a character from just about anything, with no bckground) Previous work done for DreamScape