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  1. Lets a Go


    good luck
  2. Lets a Go


    good luck
  3. Lets a Go


    good luck
  4. Lets a Go

    +1 Great idea for a revamp for train zone.
  5. Lets a Go

    +1 Ya I think so too.
  6. Lets a Go

    Thanks for replies and yea maybe 5-10% is better 25-50 too much now that I think about it.
  7. Lets a Go

    Hi I thought maybe it would be cool if two different things could happens where you can get a new item called Revenant Amulet: The first is a very rare drop from revenant like ultra rare (less leaning towards) The second (more thinking) is when you have t10 or t1-10 (all emblems) you can try upgrade all of them or t10 (perfer if all emblems can be at same time) you have a hard or dream rate at making Revenant necklace. Now the amulet would not be super op but just for revs and basically would increase chance to get emblems by 25-50% (could be decided) but of course getting t1-t10 without certain items is a long grind so maybe 25-50% is ok not sure tho... but hard or dream rate to upgrade. Let me know what you guys think btw it would look like the amulet of torture (or) from osrs.

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