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    This is LIT !
  3. zooyorkzz

    request fulfilled , big thanks to @HC Canada.
  4. zooyorkzz

    Yo guys , i'm currently looking for a sig that I could use thru the forum ! I am letting you to choose the style of the sig ofc. There's a few things i'd like to see atleast : The Zooyork Logo My IGN : Zooyorkz Thank you very much. Zoo
  5. will be there ! IGN: Zooyorkzz P.s imma kick your butt steroid this time
  6. Thanks for the event ! it was awesome .
  7. aight IGN: Zooyorkzz Disc: zooyorkz#9337
  8. i think it's a bit late , since we restart the season in a few days
  9. zooyorkzz

    Juicy juicy my dude