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  1. i think it's a bit late , since we restart the season in a few days
  2. zooyorkzz

    Juicy juicy my dude
  3. congrats to every staff ! Big vouch to Chong for his dedication to the server . Well Deserved my friend.
  4. zooyorkzz

    Vouch ^^
  5. No you Don't need to be all 99 . You must have a comp S1 and it wipes your whole bank.
  6. zooyorkzz

    any update / count of submissions ? #DsGang
  7. @Hc chong it's EDT or UTC/GMT-4 So IGN : Zooyorkzz TimeZone : UTC/GMT-4 a.k.a EDT
  8. zooyorkzz

    oh wow couldn't even get my hand on one 😕 the loot is pretty lit
  9. zooyorkzz

    Take care m8
  10. It resets the bank items too .