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  1. RedDiamondTV

    IGN: RedDiamond #: 25 Thanks for hosting this amazing event!
  2. RedDiamondTV

    I remember Milhouse being an alt of yours isn't it? Anyhow, I remember you making way more and better pieces. Those are not bad, but i remember way better stuff! Would love to see some new improved GFX from you!!
  3. RedDiamondTV


    I recently came back as well, well recently. I came back at the begin of December I think. I used to be Global Admin and Media Manager back in the days, got such amazing memories from back than. Anyway, I hope you'll pick up the GFX once again and start making some amazing things for the community!
  4. RedDiamondTV


    Welcome back to the server, you and me didn't go quite along on the past as I remember correctly. However, that's been 1,5+ years ago. I hope we can both have a fresh start and I hope you'll start doing GFX again. If I remember correctly, you were pretty amazing at it! Enjoy your stay!
  5. RedDiamondTV

    Heey Cody, Welcome to our server and family! I love it when YouTubers join the server, it would be awesome if you could make YouTube videos for the server and become an official YouTuber! I hope you enjoy your stay, if you ever feel the need for help, don't hesitate to PM me.
  6. RedDiamondTV

    Heey @Tortura, Welcome to our family! When I first joined back in 2015, I was drawn to DreamScape because of the customs as well. I went to check it out and instantly became a part of this warm growing family. The developers try to come up with updates pretty much every week, sometimes even twice a week!! I hope you enjoy your stay, if you're ever in need of any help, don't hesitate to PM me or any other Staff member.
  7. RedDiamondTV

    Those are some great words to read! I think we can all appreciate it when someone takes his time to make such an appreciation thread. You're awesome and a great Staff Member. Keep up your work and work your way up the ladder, I'm sure you'll make it!
  8. RedDiamondTV

    You cannot log in with you Forum credentials, these are 2 different things. You need to make a new account for ingame by just typing in a name and password and you'll be registered automatically. The ingame name you chose is probably already taken, please try to use a different username and see if it works. If you still can't login please PM me. //Locked
  9. RedDiamondTV

    @Papers our dear Helper, Wiki Editor, amazing GFX Designer and Newspaper Editor. It sucks to see you go, you're an awesome lad. Of course real life and school needs to stay at #1. I hope you'll nail your school so we can celebrate it in December when you come back. Take care buddy!
  10. RedDiamondTV

    Amazing update once again! Keep them coming!
  11. RedDiamondTV

    This is great! Congratulations on achieving such a real life goal! Keep it up man!
  12. RedDiamondTV

    Congrats on the rank @Dr L, You can't get past the Trusted Hosts curse trust me. I tried it as well, didn't work out. Goodluck man!
  13. RedDiamondTV

    That's what happens to every Trusted Host in their first month! Happened to me on my first like day. This is an official welcome to our team! Goodluck on your rebuild man!
  14. RedDiamondTV

    Amazing updates once again, you guys are getting out them updates so often I love it!! Keep it up everyone!

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