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    Really great guide, @Cjbear! Great starter package for new players!
  2. Alpha01

    I vouch for this. In my impression, buying a donation scroll in store is like buying a gift card. Say you're purchasing a $50 scroll. Purchasing it from the store gives you no benefits, has no fixed cost ($50 is $50) in game, and cannot be used for deals. It is only transactional such that the server gets $50 and the player gets a $50 scroll (or whatever we want to call it tbh). I think the difficulty (and confusion) in this discussion is actually in how to consume the scroll to buy customs or items in store. For that, there probably needs to be an entirely separate discussion; however, I imagine something like a pin/code/unique id that comes with the scroll that can be used in the "PROMO" line when making a purchase in store would be a good mechanism. Obviously, when buying customs it's already taken into consideration for specific deals. Buying those items in store or through customs WOULD count towards deals because that's driving the same behavior that staff encourage now. I do not see any way that this impacts current prices of donations or drives inflation as it is anchored to donor amount, and IN FACT I believe that it will actually provide a larger stream of donations to server as smaller donations now could trickle in and have value. Let's discuss.
  3. Alpha01

    I'll claim the first one! #7 & #11 please
  4. Alpha01

    Thanks for an awesome event @Cue! @Iron Lord & @chubyhorse2 See you at the next one!
  5. Thanks Cue! I'd love to join. IGN: Alpha01
  6. Alpha01

    Hi @Cue, Will screenshots from the #drops-channel suffice? I missed the drop text amongst the platinum spam O.o. Drop was 5/12/19 @ 10:07AM and can be verified in the drops channel log. If this works, I'll take # 14 & #15. Thanks.
  7. Alpha01

    Finally got the second! Could I have # 12 & #13 please?
  8. Alpha01

    You're on - @chubyhorse2! #2 and #17 please!
  9. Alpha01

    I'm in IGN: Alpha01