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  1. Nice crate!! Excellent initiative @Cjbear with the new crate dates!
  2. Alpha01

    Nice update guys! @Chuck really appreciate the listening you guys did on more frequent updates!
  3. Alpha01

    Sorry I'm a little late to the party on this @HC Canada, but I'm also super sad to hear this news. You've been a critical piece in keeping the culture of helpfulness that this server has always had from its more experienced playerbase. Many people (myself included) will not understand all that you've had a hand in helping to influence as well as expanding our documentation of the knowledge base. I hope that you can take a bit of a break and get some things done with your life that you're wanting to get in order. It's a perfectly understandable thing, and I hope sometime soon that we can continue to connect and touch base from time to time. I very much enjoyed our time together. Best wishes man,
  4. Alpha01

    Really great guide, @Cjbear! Great starter package for new players!
  5. Alpha01

    I'll claim the first one! https://gyazo.com/c206fff171b0097bf541d978b9e4ea75 #7 & #11 please
  6. Alpha01

    Thanks for an awesome event @Cue! @Iron Lord & @chubyhorse2 See you at the next one!
  7. Thanks Cue! I'd love to join. IGN: Alpha01
  8. Alpha01

    Hi @Cue, Will screenshots from the #drops-channel suffice? I missed the drop text amongst the platinum spam O.o. https://gyazo.com/9048f54ae36f9bd066a244a48cc98047 Drop was 5/12/19 @ 10:07AM and can be verified in the drops channel log. If this works, I'll take # 14 & #15. Thanks.
  9. Alpha01

    Finally got the second! Could I have # 12 & #13 please?
  10. Alpha01

    You're on - @chubyhorse2! #2 and #17 please!
  11. Alpha01

    I'm in IGN: Alpha01

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