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  1. I have to agree with comments above, too much and too many of the updates are largely centred around donations. My view on the new raid is that : It takes way to long to complete for the reward, i have yet to see anyone get an ultra rare drop so i would assume its a similar rate to the other raids, not being able to take in items means players who have spent a considerable amount of time grinding for end game gear have no advantage over a new account. My suggestion would be to make it so you could use your own items and majorly buff the npcs there, encouraging players to come do it otherwise it is going to be dead content very quickly. As for the inferno hatchet and pickaxe, the time taken to get these is just way too long unless they are fairly common drops, secondly 25b and 50b are insignificant values even for new players it could be argued that a new player may not want to do combat but who is directed towards skilling as there no benefits. Even so new players face the problem of getting the inferno tools in the first place.