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  1. steelsponge

    This is a great suggestion 😁
  2. steelsponge

    Thanks Drax! I second the fact that the pic at the bottom made me piss everywhere 😂😂😂😂
  3. steelsponge

    Awesome job #BUGSQUASHERS!!! Epic new custom set to my man Doodle!! Enjoyyyyy! :D:D #DSGANG
  4. steelsponge

    Thanks for the nomination guys good luck everyone ❤️
  5. steelsponge

    Great idea for a thread bro! Account name: Comp Sponge Levels - 17th Feb
  6. steelsponge

  7. steelsponge

    I think you could be on to something here, maybe some like degradeable items with similar stats to the american and crystal etc but they only last for 24 hours before crumbling or whatever... That could be viable! Have a think about how this may affect the eco and use the suggestion format and staff will look this over for sure :D:D
  8. steelsponge

    Hey DSGANG!! So today there were a whole load of crazy events hosted by Chuck and Drax over a period of a few hours! So there was a massive Battlegrounds event where we got up to around 30 of us in the event voice channel on ::discord, we had an unreal amount of laughs and hope you all enjoyed yourself!!!! So there were 5 individual rounds with the winners of each round and the person with the most kills per round receiving an epic goodiebag pick which included prizes such as 10q cash, GMG, ROW(i) etc etc! Everyone that helped advertise the event in ::yell also received donation boxes for free from Chuck!! And the winner of the $500 GRAND PRIZE of END GAME BUNDLE was 808raptor!! Gz on the EKS, Eternal Crystal Set, Quantum boots, Space gloves, Trix (i), Space SS! Epic OP event and we all appreciate your participation! Everybody won something which is awesome!!!
  9. steelsponge

    Tolly you the real MVP bro!! K3
  10. All of it is epic, great job! Also whoever has storm and breaker... Lit stats...!
  11. steelsponge

    Awesome brother!!! Now for 500k olafs?
  12. steelsponge

    At the minute I agree as lamps are just redundant as you said, if there is some bigger picture and plan to revamp all skilling rates or rewards for presitge or something then it could be worth a wait and see. But right now, vouch 😄
  13. steelsponge

    Broooooo slow up the gambling Awesome little goal though, the 100k kc would be a good one, will be awesome to see the loot screenie! xD GL man!
  14. steelsponge

    Welcome bro! Feel free to pm me in game with any questions or anything you have! Check out the guides section for plenty of good stuff to check out! IGN: Steelsponge
  15. steelsponge