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  1. Came back but wont be playing that much...

  2. ternines3

    Nice edition! Keep it up
  3. ternines3

    😍😍 Simply Beautifull
  4. ternines3

    ❤️ Team Blaze
  5. WOW! This updates are bombs!!!! Woohooo Thanks Drax and all the development team :D!
  6. ternines3

    Chong you got my vote! :D
  7. ternines3

    Hope we see you again hanging around Shwa. Take good care bud:D
  8. ternines3

    Hopefully we can Identify who are the peple behind this scam. That pic at the end lol xD
  9. Nice guide :D! Keep it up man!
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    Gz Winter51! You deserve it man!
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    Welcome Sara 😄