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  1. ternines3

    😍😍 Simply Beautifull
  2. ternines3

    ❤️ Team Blaze
  3. ternines3

    I'm with Cinematic here. Drop rates just need to be tweaked on some bosses and raid. But as someone mentioned above how the eco works the drop rates are just fine IMO.
  4. WOW! This updates are bombs!!!! Woohooo Thanks Drax and all the development team :D!
  5. ternines3

    No vouch, since this will crash the price of all arcade items.
  6. ternines3

    Chong you got my vote! :D
  7. ternines3

    Hope we see you again hanging around Shwa. Take good care bud:D
  8. ternines3

    Hopefully we can Identify who are the peple behind this scam. That pic at the end lol xD
  9. Nice guide :D! Keep it up man!
  10. ternines3

    Great idea! But agree on Willy too, since they might end up doing it a donation perk.
  11. ternines3

    Gz Winter51! You deserve it man!
  12. ternines3

    Welcome Sara 😄