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  1. Roses

    After a longgggg break im looking to get back into the game a bit :D. Just thought i'd pop by and say hii!
  2. Roses

    Happy birthday 😄 Birthday: 4/23!
  3. Roses

    Welcome welcome!
  4. Roses

    Welcome! 😄
  5. Roses

  6. Roses

    Sounds cool to me!
  7. Roses

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Says. Says who? Says me, that’s who. IGN:Roses
  8. Roses

    Congrats to everyone who won!
  9. Roses

    Sucks always lol. I’ll be sure to target you if I see you there xD
  10. Roses

    Thanks to @Anti for the Signature!
  11. Roses

    Usually just stick with Today’s top hits on Spotify, but I switch to a lot of different music depending on mood.
  12. Roses

    Lol would still like to see this implemented so you wouldn’t have to go back a fourth between normal/yell/clan chat if you’re holding more than one convo :D.
  13. Roses

    Can’t stop crying?
  14. Roses

    Revs can be annoying lol but it is a pk area none the less and nothing to really complain about if you’re going there knowing. I can see that this can get frustrating though for sure! But like @steelsponge said there are ways to avoid getting pk’d. Does kinda suck you can only use certain gear in the cave though but oh well, OP gear in there wouldn’t be fun lol.

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