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  1. Roses

    Yeah I agree with this 100%, this actually just happened to me Sunday cause I was gone the day. +1!
  2. Roses

    Would have to make a lot of different tickets as different recolors/designs cost different amounts, to recolor a Ownercape its 200$ not $250 but of course you need the ownercape. As well as the fact that you can pay 400$ and make the ownercape recolored and have it be tradeable. So it wouldn't be the same ticket and it would take some coding that may not be easy to do as well as they would have to have all the capes recolored already. It's Thread 20451 in case anyone wants to check it out, some pretty cool things you can do!
  3. Roses

    I’ll support this as I can see how it would help!
  4. Roses

    Collectors necklace can be difficult to get for Ironman the easiest way in game without donations being revs and can be very time consuming to get especially without a AOE weapon. However I still don’t see a problem with this it doesn’t take much longer to just right and then left click the souls over the charms. (Maybe a second more). But sure I’ll support this as well as it doesn’t cause an issue with anything else.
  5. -1 from me, even as a Ironman I don’t see problems with drops. Dreamscape would be exetremely Boeing if you could hit end game in a couple weeks the drop rates are perfectly fine and make you work for what you deserve even if you have a 1 hit item!
  6. Roses

    Welcome! 😄
  7. Roses

    Wasn’t there and couldn’t have joined anyway, but it’s nice to see people that aren’t staff/you tubers doing this! Keep up the great work!
  8. Roses

    +1 Great idea!
  9. Roses

    Adding onto other people’s ideas a little bit. - Maybe adding a new NPC store where you could trading in the duplicate tickets you have (reg,sup,exe, and sponsor) for points in that shop and then you can trade in the points you get from the tickets for a item from the web store at a higher cost. - For example if you trade in a sponsor ticket you get 150 points in that shop and each point is = to 1$ so the ticket would be worth 50$ less than what the web store has it as then you can buy an owner cape or something of the sort from the store once you sell enough donator tickets. This can be changed how the owners/staff see it of course!
  10. Roses

    I agree with moving the code key chest. Also being able to hide pets altogether like @Goten had suggested above would be nice as well. +1 to both of those ideas/suggestions!
  11. Roses

    +1 on a revamp on vote books to keep them relevant for all around players. As well as adding another way to get reminded to vote because I forget to vote as well.
  12. Roses

    Great to see you setting goals for yourself! Can't wait to see you achieve these one at a time, and good luck!
  13. Roses

    Yeah I agree with this even though im an Ironman and can't trade or do anything with any dupes i get anyway, but this would be great to see!