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  1. XxTrapCatxX

    Peace out mr mg. Too bad you couldn’t stay 😒
  2. XxTrapCatxX

    Shoot I’m in
  3. XxTrapCatxX

    I think it’d be sweet fr man. If you asked for my honest opinion
  4. XxTrapCatxX

    Knock knock whos there? not not who? Not you
  5. XxTrapCatxX

    Been thinking about this one a lot
  6. XxTrapCatxX

    I always see people flaming as well. Dicezone is meant for gambling your bank away. Players should read the rules as well. I mean, my bank isn’t made for dicing yet, that’s why I’ve never even bothered doing it. But everything you have said I can relate too!
  7. XxTrapCatxX

    Gz to the winners. Can’t believe I missed it 😞always next time though
  8. XxTrapCatxX

    You all are right though. It is the wildly. Taking the risks but that’s when I need to bite back at the ones killing me 😁
  9. XxTrapCatxX

    @bowks yeah I’ve been thinking about buying one fr. Would come in handy
  10. XxTrapCatxX

  11. XxTrapCatxX

    I think those are dope man!
  12. XxTrapCatxX

    Would love for this to be in game!
  13. XxTrapCatxX

    I feel that @Roses
  14. XxTrapCatxX

    You both have a very good point though. I know it’s pk area just stinks sometimes.
  15. XxTrapCatxX

    I start a sentence and you guys finish it! i went to a bar and I?

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