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  1. Representing #WikiGang (9k+ king dreamers dry DWB(Mage) for the blue boots :c)
  2. For those without an OP Cape/Weapon. If you are dying to the tentacles, you can just attack Sire before destroying all the respiratory systems for Soulsplit/Avery Ring/Healing, before taking on the next respiratory systems
  3. I can just update it showing how to get to places "To access King Percival, Open Skilling tab & go to Thieving" etc
  4. // Noted, will be updated on Wiki. Thank you!
  5. as Regis mentioned, Sire itself is easy, but the requirements needed to kill Sire are not. Level 60 Karma (even unlocking Karma needs a Xebos kill) Ability to out heal the tentacles hitting 25+ while bursting respiratory systems so while I agree Sire should be listed in one of the money makings, the requirements needed to access Sire put it outside the scope of easy, but it will be discussed on which section it's appropriate for
  6. Updated to state "a very dark and strong boss"
  7. All updated Avengers raid is outdated, should be deleted since it was moved to Avengers Arcade, no longer a raid
  8. Gonna be having a nice wiki day on Monday & Tuesday in which I spend the entire day combing through the wiki finding stuff to be updated, so if people can reply to this post with stuff they think is wrong, out of date, needs updating, needs to be added or anything of the sort. (Currently working on the recommended gear section, creating a more central way to update & have it pushed out across the entire wiki, so stay tuned for that (even though most of you won't notice a difference :c)) Please reply to this post & it'll all be updated 🙂 Thank you! ❤️
  9. The "35" waves I believe is incorrect, I've had runs with 25 waves only, could be a set amount of waves per players or random each turn. Good guide otherwise though!
  10. "Fixed typo and correct Server's Boost drop rate and Server's Boost Damage" Rip 15% XP boost 😕
  11. What is the content called: Private MBox InstanceHow does it work? You buy a pass from the store for 500,000 DSCoins & once it's activated it teleports you to the MBox Area / Cave, you are alone there for 1 Hour to farm as much as you likeWhat rewards does it give? The same as the Mystery Box arenaHow will it benefit server/players? It would allow those who are farming for Golden AKs(idk who does that though (:) or farming MBox / Keys to do so in peace in the mbox caveHow could it be expanded in the future? No real expansion I can think of What negative effect could this have? (Think eco
  12. depends whenever people are around to carry me! 😄
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