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  1. Bowks

    I like Susan Boyle
  2. Bowks

    Good idea brother. Prices have definitely gone abit wild lately!
  3. Bowks

    Definitely. I’ve struggled with gambling IRL before and it isn’t a nice position to be in at all. Probably one of the worst situations to be in.
  4. Bowks

    Hey #DSGANG! I need to bring up a topic with you and make you try to understand it in this topic. So if you gamble, please take 5 minutes of your time to give this a read. I spend 99.9% of my time in the dicing area & on a daily basis I see people flaming, going crazy about the game or begging for items. The reason for this is losing bank at the dicezone. People need to be 100% aware of the risks you are taking when gambling. So I ask you to please have a serious think about what you're about to gamble. If you lose bank, please refrain from flaming others who are simply there to enjoy the game aswel. The dice zone can be a really enjoyable place to be but it can also be a really sad place, so please understand and think about it next time you fancy a gamble. Any questions on the matter please feel free to either PM me ingame 'Bowks' or just reply to this thread and i'll get back to you. Thankyou for reading. -BOWKS
  5. Bowks

    Yeah that sucks bro. Iv'e read people suggesting you to purchase the scroll of protection, that's probably the best bet. good luck, hope you can continue there without bother. -BOWKS
  6. Bowks

    You've done a really good job on this, should be proud of it. -BOWKS
  7. Bowks

    Congratulations brothers! Well deserved, 110% effort 7 days a week !
  8. Hey #DSGANG ! Just interested as to what kind of gaming/PC setups you guys have! feel free to share them below! HERE'S MINE!
  9. Bowks

    Great suggestion brother. The luck bonus is definitely needed with that chest!
  10. Bowks

    Hi brother, Welcome to the family! #DSGANG I'm also from England but New Zealand sounds a lot better! Hope you're living the dream out there dude and once again, welcome to the family. Feel free to PM me in game for any questions or worries you have. If not you can find me at ::dicezone. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time here. -Bowks
  11. Bowks

    Personally I don't think the sponsor ticket should be tradable to other in-game players. For the simple reason it is an executive item and not many people have. It's a sign that someone is extremely generous to the server via donations and I don't think it's right for people to have it for anything other than that reason. However, I feel like if you were able to trade it into a store for points (donator store) this would be okay. That is then your choice to spend the points on whatever your heart desires. As for the idea of making it tradable I 100% disagree. Thanks for the idea, Hope this helps. -Bowks
  12. Bowks

    Points about donator store are very true. Some of the items are extremely outdated & it would be nice maybe to have most of the items in that store untradable. I think with stores such as the donator store, it would be nice to buy something that turns heads that only a particular set of people (who have donated X amount can buy) such as the reputation of the executive cape or the owners cape. Thanks for the ideas I hope they go forward -Bowks
  13. Bowks

    Sounds like a great idea. As @HC_EPICsaid, please be more careful and double check your listings in future.
  14. Bowks

    HELLO DREAMSCAPE FAMILY! Today i'm crying out for your help! After spending all of my days and hours standing in the ::dicezone, I've noticed at certain times it goes extremely quiet. I want to be able to suggest a way we can bring back some life into the dicing area & thats where I need YOU. I understand your reply may be ''Some people don't enjoy gambling'' or ''people don't have enough money to gamble'' & I understand that but there's got to be something we can work on and build to make it more enjoyable & busy during the day! THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm asking for some great suggestions or ideas in the comments below. I want us to work as a team and create something that will make the dicing zone more active! THANKS AGAIN ! -BOWKS
  15. Bowks

    This is such a sick idea!

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