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  1. I'll be waiting till for that sponsor rework
  2. Tangible

    Username: Tangible Rank In-game: Sponsor
  3. Tangible

    Sick guide thanks
  4. Tangible

    This is very ?? Just mute the individual
  5. Tangible

    Woah, now I can finally complain about my RNG with some stats
  6. Tangible

    Congratulations to the winners! Was an amazing event.
  7. Tangible

    Welcome back! So much has changed from 2018 to 2020, you're gonna love the new content. Good luck grinding
  8. Tangible

    You never quit just take long breaks, very addictive
  9. Now thats what I call value
  10. Tangible

    Not even one Ak-47 Asiimov that's extremely bad luck. Would've loved to know your luck % whilst opening the keys.
  11. Tangible

    How long did that take you?
  12. Tangible

    Go for 1 million, become the mad lad.
  13. Tangible


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