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  1. Tangible

    You never quit just take long breaks, very addictive
  2. Now thats what I call value
  3. Tangible

    Not even one Ak-47 Asiimov that's extremely bad luck. Would've loved to know your luck % whilst opening the keys.
  4. Tangible

    How long did that take you?
  5. Tangible

    Go for 1 million, become the mad lad.
  6. Tangible

  7. Tangible

    I hope you stick through with your plan. That's an insane goal you've set for your self. Can't wait to see the loot from 1,000,000 penguins 😛
  8. Tangible

    That's super impressive. You really do know your way around the market 😛 Wish we could've seen your progress along the way.
  9. Tangible

    Did you dig up a time capsule for that?
  10. Tangible

    Username: Tangible Rank In-game: Extreme Donator Proof (screenshot):
  11. Tangible

    This is a very touchy topic considering the price value that the glaive upholds. Positives It can 1 hit corp 1 some NPCs that Owner cape simply can't Negatives Super slow attacks As mentioned it can't kill worthwhile NPCs Overall The best idea I have for this piece of content is to possibly add an exclusive zone for glaive users. This way it adds value to the $850 price tag alongside not ruining new players experience.
  12. Tangible

    Kill count 0-4000 was done with this gear - No Pets 20% Drop Rate 5% Double Drop Rate Kill Count 4000-10,000 was done with this gear - Added Chaos Elemental Pet, Later on Corp Pet 35% Drop rate 55% Double Drop Rate The loot is as follows Common Drops (Cash is an estimate) Total Profits 3x Aqua Spirit Shields - 21m 1x Inferno Spirit Shield - 30m Cash - 2m Rest of Items did not sell yet Total - 53m (Gambled it all and lost) Next Goal - Avoid Gambling and buy a Lava minigun to speed up kills at mage grays

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