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    Ultimate Beginners Guide So your brand new and just started? First thing I would recommend doing is ::vote, after you have claimed the vote books head to ::market. in dreamscape there is a personal shop that functions a lot like the grand exchange sell your vote books do not open them I can not stress this enough! it's ok to sell them cheap as well, you will get many more in the future, now for the second method I would suggest heading to ::train and killing sonic he has 250hp and he always drops 1-3 b tickets and 1-3 crystal keys! which is huge at the beginning! the third method I would recommend is going to ::mbox! mystery boxes sell for 100b each in your pos! now the final money making method I would recommend is thieving! having trouble using the pos? make sure your client resolution is in fixed! and when your searching for an item make sure your scroll bar is scrolled all the way to the top! ok moving on, now that you have some money under your belt you're probably wondering what items should I get! well, I have the solution. Also, don't worry about mage when you first start I will cover that later in the guide! Melee Starter setup: Weapons, royal sicle, royal sicle u, ice katana, golden katana, space jam, spacejam u drygore off hand, drygore off hand uOff hand, Armor, Dragon bone u set, flame torva, melovolent Amulet, gold chain, nocturnal chain Boots, dream wing boots Cape, glass wings Gloves, Flame gloves Range Setup: Weapons, glock, ak 47, assault rifle, scoped rifle u Armor, flame pernix Amulet, Fury Boots, dream wing boots Cape, glass wings Gloves, Flame gloves now for the second part of my guide, once you're equipped with a decent starter setup you start to feel kind of stuck am I right? Do you want to get that soul flare to get your first 100t? and your sick of farming mbox well, it turns out there is a solution! the first thing I would recommend is heading to ::market and buying yourself an etherium bracelet this will prevent revenants from killing you a lot of people ask is it safe to go to revenants yes you do not lose items when other people kill you think of it like fun pk!, so your all set up and ready to go to revs when you get there run all the way south until you find the revenants with low hp between 250-350 hp what your looking for is mysterious emblems 1-3! when you get your first mysterious emblem keep it in your inventory and keep farming until you get all the way up to t3? Is getting to t3 feeling kind of hard not a problem its ok to trade in emblems even at tier 1 and tier 2 our goal is to get to 1000 wilderness points you get these points by exchanging your emblems at ::home, when you finally get your 1000 points I would recommend buying a golden ak47 right now they are selling between 400-700t which will finally get you out of the noob zone! the second money making method is to save up 100t head to Falador and buy yourself an oil lantern for 100t this allows you to do diglet who has some very good drops! he drops bird nest that sell for 3-5t each as well as a lot of 1b tickets! you could also try your luck with arcade! Last but not least if you're not up for the grind I would highly recommend selling a 30 dollar donation for 20q-30q it helps support the server and gives you a huge boost into what this server has to offer definitely consider it! you can now buy a soulflare and start heading into mid game, and really seeing what dreamscape has to offer! Beginner Tips! 1. On the side of your client, there is a little search icon if you click on it and search for something like clue scroll, you can click on what you searched for and it will open the dreamscape wiki with everything you need to know about clue scrolls, THIS WORKS WITH ANYTHING YOU SEARCH FOR! 2. Feel free to pm in game as you move along and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions! 3. Join help clan chat there is a lot of friendly people in there and staff that can also answer any questions you have! 4. I would highly recommend not to gamble at all! if you do decide to gamble only gamble the extras you have don't gamble your gear!!! I hate seeing people quit when they get cleaned out! 5. Follow The Rules it's not fun being banned or muted sometimes you might need to take a break cool off have a smoke, smoke a blunt, do what ya gotta do! lol This concludes my beginners guide For now I will update it further If any of you new guys want to see anything or have any recommends on what to add to the guide please comment below and I will update it for you as soon as possible thanks for checking out my guide! IGN: Mesakaro Total Donations: 600 dollars Dreamscape is the best rsps!!!! Keep grinding and playing and you won't be disappointed, this server continues to surprise me every day