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  1. Agreed! Would be a lot smoother
  2. New home definitely looks great!
  3. IGN: Syrius In-game Rank: Executive Proof: https://imgur.com/uUsuz56 Can't attach the file as my max total size is only 181.98kb.
  4. @CooniHaha yeah thought i'd get some "help" Thanks!
  5. @darklordrr @regis Hahaha thank you both!
  6. Oh wow i'm glad i read this thread, was thinking about going for prestige.. But not gonna if there's basically no benefit to it. Also lamps should have a limit (example: you can only use lamps for certain skills etc)? Just thinking out loud.
  7. Syrius


    Hello everyone! Am just a 5 day old player here, enjoying alot of the custom items & insanely large amounts of gp everywhere. Am mainly a WoW player but took a break from it, went back to my 15 year old Runescape account, started a new iron there.. then for some odd reason decided to hop into rsps. Slowly becoming addicted to the game at the moment ?
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