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  1. locked outta my account Dinosour i dont remeber the last thing that happened. Think I got hacked months ago (maybe even year+) and quit and can't log back in. Any help?
  2. Dinosour

    Hell yeeee cuz! Hide n seeks are so fun. Also nice to know when there's an event as a lot of DS aren't in the same time zone and are left out of spontaneous ones. KEEEEEEEN
  3. We should be able to change sale prices for listings straight from our POS Also to be able to make POS listings straight from bank This will allow us to make more flexible changes with less effort of removing items from the POS. I've noticed that not all items can be withdrawn as notes and that makes making POS listings comparable to skilling with the repetitive actions, clicking and typing. There should also be a confirmation box when listing an item because all the T's, Q's and K's can get confusing. E.g. Sell 1 Monkey nuts Enter price (BILL CHECK) 1000k (equivalent to 1q) System will give us a confirmation box saying something along the lines of: "Do you wish to list Monkey Nuts for 1M 1Bill Check (1,000,000)?" Yes/No Then the listing is up. I had accidentally listed a necro pet for "12500t" and for some reason the game processed it as 1 1Bill check so in that short moment it was listed, someone could have bought it. First forum post so let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading
  4. Dinosour

    Hello Santa I have made a list of things that I want for Christmas. I made a copy of this list in case you lose yours. 1. They say on average, people have sex 112 times a year; so I'd need an Oblivion Scythe to shave my pubes for the wild last week of the year I'll be having. 2. Monkey Nuts; I need to feed my family. 3. Dad; dad might get me more stuff... such as uhhh Golden Minigun. 4. Thugbob Jr; Ay, as if you've never looked at all his holes n jus be like mmmmm ????... a man gotta please himself ya feel? 5. Link Set; Perhaps this will increase my luck this xmas xoxoxo :))) Merry Christmas ya'll, I'll zlonk ya conks one day trusssss me

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