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  1. Mitsuki

    I think a smart move would be a new voting shop where you can buy some decent stuff with voting points prices between 50-100T ( space jam, silver space sword, golden AK) and add super mystery boxes, quadron boxes & dynamic boxes (of course they would recuire the most voting points) I would say voting once will earn you 5 points each day and from there you keep voting for some juicy rewards.
  2. Mitsuki

    Disabling pets would be a little too harsh to be honest, although I like the other Idea where like trusted dicers or helpers+ could pick pets up only when needed so the ability won’t get abused.
  3. Mitsuki

    Congrats everyone, well deserved!
  4. IGN: mitsuki Happy Holidays DSfam! May all your wishes come true. ❤️
  5. Mitsuki