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    Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy this year. To recap, I've been arrested, had a child, and even called my parents alcoholics! ? For these reasons I demand the following from you, you big ole fatty (with a big ole fatty). 1. Sled (so I can think of you while I ride) *wink wink* 2. My very own title "Santa's good boy" because I think I've please you enough *wink wink* 3. bfg9000 because it reminds me of you (Big fat guy) 4. bfg9000 off-hand (see gift 4 for explanation) 5. yoda pet (This is my only selfish request)
  2. Paint Me

    Haven’t met you in game, I see why. No time to talk when you have 2M npc kills under your belt! Congratulations!
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