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    Incredible achievement! Congrats!
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    That was a really cool event!
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    I am not an ironman however I can see how this would be an issue. This does seem like a logical way to fix things that wouldn't affect non-ironmen. Good idea.?
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    416 Sorry for messing up guys.
  7. your latest post is now 413

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    Good luck! This is something I should strive to do as well. Will definitely keep checking back to see what kind of drops you end up getting!
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    Hi all, I figured I would post a little introduction here since I've been playing for the past couple weeks now. Really enjoying my time at Dreamscape so far one of the better servers I have played over the years. Just a little bit about who I am I guess: My name is Alex I am 20 years old. I currently work for a somewhat large company here in America that manufactures safety equipment(lights, sirens, etc.) for emergency and non-emergency vehicles. Some of my hobbies include working on cars, playing paintball, and, obviously, playing Runescape and private servers. I don't play too much RS3 these days though I do hop on from time to time. Nice to meet everyone. I hope to stick around here on Dreamscape for a while. Feel free to hit me up in game to chat or anything! ?
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    Great QOL suggestion. I really hope this gets implemented.
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