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  1. Craftys

    Welcome man! Glad to have you here! #DSGANG
  2. Craftys

    Welcome man! Glad to have you here! #DSGANG
  3. Craftys

    I am last
  4. Craftys

    Welcome! Glad to have you here! #DSGANG
  5. Craftys

    My max hit is about 85k with my BFGs.
  6. Craftys

    You have to submit a support ticket on Discord. Find instructions on how to do that here.
  7. Craftys

    Wow! You have some talent man! That's incredible. 😄
  8. Having a great weekend. Despite that though kinda looking forward to work tomorrow. :) 

  9. Craftys

    Forum Username: CraftysRank Requesting: VeteranAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 14Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: https://gyazo.com/9935509d6b047f3a3676c8558727b8ae
  10. Craftys

    Welcome to the #DSGANG Thicc! Glad to have you here! 😄
  11. Craftys

    Not an ironman. But I could see how this would be an issue.
  12. Craftys

    Yes please. Would love to be able to note all items as well.
  13. Craftys

    Awesome! Love all of these wonderful events! 😄
  14. Craftys

    I agree with this. There really isn't a good tribrid armor. All of them(except the platinum one) are bad and not "end-game" gear. Would be nice to see one.

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