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  1. until

  2. Lots of turmoil in my life right now. Just wanna go to sleep and wake up 8 months from now.

  3. Great update. The healing changes are a bit questionable though. 🙄
  4. Some think it don't be like it is, but it do.

  5. Good luck man. Look forward to seeing an update from you! 😄
  6. I agree with what others said. More mid tier items wouldn't be a bad thing. Would love to see some stuff implemented. 😄
  7. I definitely agree with this. It's a massive jump from Ak asiimov -> BFGs or EKS -> Charged Gauntlets. Going from like a 30mil item to 500mil+ can be quite challenging. An intermediate item would actually be a halfway decent idea.
  8. Big time vouch for both of these. Never understood why the quantom boots and space gloves couldn't be recolored again. 👍
  9. I REALLY like the new BFG i set. Looks really good in my opinion.
  10. until

    Hi Nala
  11. Welcome to the amazing #DSGANG community!
  12. Welcome kelvin! 😄 #DSGANG
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