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  1. until

  2. Lots of turmoil in my life right now. Just wanna go to sleep and wake up 8 months from now.

  3. Great update. The healing changes are a bit questionable though. 🙄
  4. Craftys

    Vouch vouch vouch vouch vouch vouch vouch. Cannot say this enough. Terrible change and should reverted back to the old system.
  5. Some think it don't be like it is, but it do.

  6. Craftys

    Good luck man. Look forward to seeing an update from you! 😄
  7. Craftys

    I agree with what others said. More mid tier items wouldn't be a bad thing. Would love to see some stuff implemented. 😄
  8. Craftys

    I definitely agree with this. It's a massive jump from Ak asiimov -> BFGs or EKS -> Charged Gauntlets. Going from like a 30mil item to 500mil+ can be quite challenging. An intermediate item would actually be a halfway decent idea.
  9. Nice! That's a cool looking armor set.
  10. Craftys

    Big time vouch for both of these. Never understood why the quantom boots and space gloves couldn't be recolored again. 👍
  11. Craftys

    I REALLY like the new BFG i set. Looks really good in my opinion.
  12. Craftys

    Nice work lad! 😄
  13. until

    Hi Nala
  14. Craftys

    Welcome back!
  15. Craftys

    Welcome to the amazing #DSGANG community!

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