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  1. I am not God

    Not bad, get 10m now kthx
  2. I am not God

    Or we could leave it as it is, it is the best DPS single target weapon, not everything has to best in slot everywhere, let it have it's niche just as other weapons have theirs
  3. I am not God

    Depends how of we talking?
  4. I am not God

    Don't like your name, it sounds silly. But welcome, enjoy your stay ?
  5. I am not God

    Let me stock up on a few then make it aoe, thx
  6. I am not God

    I has easier solution, just mute anyone who flames full stop
  7. I am not God

    We don't need more potions though. Stop being poor and buy muscle milks
  8. I am not God

    Hello new person, you have a sexy hat in that picture
  9. I am not God

    Good luck fellas <3
  10. I am not God

    in fairness elder wand is a good weapon fro mid tier players it's one handed and better than an sfu
  11. I am not God

    neither of those items work in pvp
  12. I am not God

    don't owrry about revs pkers, I am and always will be ds's #1 pker. i'll clear them