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  1. Darza

    1. A platinum AK-47 for my ironman 2. Cylorv's dedication to grind out surveys 3. Slimer pet 4. Christman icon ? 5. A sick pair of Yeezy's for my ironman
  2. DS Ironman Gear Bridge TLDR: Make the platinum AK-47 more accessible so that ironmen can do mid game content without donating for a better weapon. Purpose. Ironman in its current state on Dreamscape suffers from a giant paywall in order to progress. Encouraging donations is a great thing for the server but in order to maintain the integrity of the game it should be possible to progress through the earlier parts of the game without requiring a donation to progress in a reasonable amount of time. The main paywall I will be addressing is the paywall between the Golden AK-47 and any of the end game content. Ironman in its current state. Ironman in its current state could be renamed to one of two names, “Clue-man-mode” or “Penguin-man-mode.” These two names come from the fact that once you enter Dreamscape as a level 3 ironman it is now your job to type ::mbox and never leave. ::mbox is the best resource for an ironman in its early game because of the boxes, clues, and crystal keys you can get from here. At ::mbox, I have built my ironman through penguins alone in the last week. My ironman is currently rocking full american pernix, a golden AK-47, vanguard gloves and boots, a fury, and a RoW. This is arguably the best possibly F2P ironman setup before you put an absurd amount of time in to getting a minor upgrade such as a RoW(I) or an amulet of fury (or). I is also possible to grind dream clues in order to get an upgraded american set, but this upgrade will not enable you to do raids. The Problem. The best possible F2P ironman setup cannot upgrade its gear to even think about raids or bosses without a crazy amount of time and luck. The way you would do this would be to upgrade your golden AK-47 into a Platinum AK-47. The platinum AK-47 is a strong weapon that is equivalent to the minigun and enables you to use soulsplit and do minibosses like magegrays, necromancers, or even some raids without getting knocked out by every normal new player using a soulflare. The Platinum AK-47 is the missing link between beginning and mid game ironman gameplay. Getting a golden AK-47 is hard in the first place on ironman, being a super rare drop from voting, treasure chests, tank boss (which is not reasonable to kill before getting one), and dream clues. My ironman currently has over 15k penguins killed and around 15 dream clues done with only 1 golden AK-47, that one being from a treasure chest not even a clue. How do we fix this? My suggestion would be to create an ironman only boss or miniboss that can drop the golden ak-47 at an okay rate. This boss could be a challenge for early players to have the possibility to upgrade their gear. Ironmen would still have to grind and earn the golden AK-47 to be able to upgrade it into a platinum ak. This could even be as simple as adding the golden AK-47 to the instance shop. Why ironman only? An early boss that drops the golden AK-47 would be too strong for a normal account. Also, normal accounts currently have their bridge to mid game and that’s diglett. Normal players can camp diglet for a couple of days and purchase a better gear setup easily, but diglett is next to useless for ironman when it comes to upgrading gear. Also, these items will not be coming into the economy so there isn't really a downside. Conclusion. The F2P ironman situation is almost impossible to progress, with some sort of bridge from early to mid game content, ironman accounts can be completely revitalized. Thank you for reading.
  3. wrong number bud


    1. Darza


      wait what the, mb fixed.



  4. Darza

    Support. Great QOL update.
  5. Darza

    Love the idea. Although, i think they should be stronger than overloads, but weaker than the milks. Birds nests are so common making them too overpowered would have a negative impact on the game.
  6. What's the current issue? You cannot turn in noted items to the soul wellWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? Allow us to turn in noted items to the soul wellHow will this benefit player/server? We will be able to turn a ton of items in at once, nice qol for ironman especiallyHow could this be expanded in future? I don't think it could be expanded onWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) None! Thanks for reading!
  7. What's the current issue? We can't note Birds nests 4What's your suggested way of fixing it? Allow us to note Birds nests 4How will this benefit player/server? We will be able to note birds nests 4 to easier put them in the market and suchHow could this be expanded in future? Noting birds nests 4What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) There is no negative effect
  8. I enjoy playing in re sizable mode, but sometimes it can be really difficult to read the chat. This is because the chat box is unable to be solid like the fixed mode is. For example, Fixed mode: Notice that the chat is completely solid. Notice how it is see through. You can still read the chat in most places, but there are occasions where you are unable to read the chat. This picture isn't the best example of hard to read text, but you can see how the white text is a little harder to read. Thanks for reading.
  9. Darza

    What’s up guys my ign is Darza and I joined the server this last Saturday. I just wanted to let y’all know the server and the playerbase has done a solid job at welcoming new members and helping them out. I’ve had a lot of fun this week and plan on sticking around for a while. Shoutout to Cylorv, 4realirish, and KOXD imparticularly for being so helpful.
  10. IGN: Darza Merry Christmas my dudes

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