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    After seeing how much i was helping other people with my last i decided to come back and document as well as record in the form of a guide of my time as an ironman so here goes. Starting off: You got 2 options, either Mbox to grind mystery boxes or train to grind crystal keys. What you are going to be aiming for is a decent fast hitting wep. You can get a ice katana from both crystal key and mystery boxes but Mbox also have other weps such as royal sicle, ak47, Drygore offhand, assault rifle, gold chain, as well as sum other good gear. Downside to Mbox is you dont get them asoften and they have alot of other BS items as well. so pick your poison. you can also get crystal keys from Mbox but not as frequent. Be sure to do any Clue Scrolls you can as these can greatly speed up the production of your account if you can score sum good gear. google the dreamscape wiki Clue Scroll for the complete clue scroll guide. Surok Magis in the Home shop area has all the equip and Emote equipment for clue scrolls i believe. Once you get a fast hitting wep, start to train your slayer, until you start getting task that are out of your range. such as mini bosses, or high powered bosses, magegray phoenix. now back to get either mbox or train. At this point mbox is recommended as with the penguins you can turn your auto retailiate off, take off your wep, and then aggro the penguins into stacks of 5-7 depending on how fast you can kill them. Then switch back on your auto retail. and reequip your wep and let your character goto work. Use this method to train your combat stats to 99 as well as stack up penguin bones to train your prayer to 99 (at least 92 for soulsplit). This will be your first real grind. Use your squeal of fortune chances to go for the flame torva, pernix and dragonbone mage gear. These will be your first real gear assuming you didnt get nothing OP from Mbox. Torva=Melee Pernix=Ranged Dragonbone Mage=Magic Ima Upload part 2 once i acquire these gears, and figure where to go next.
  2. Making this guide so everyone has a fair chance. Also, so you guys wont make the same mistakes i made starting out) Can be applied to all types of accounts except ironmen(cuz i never played one) 1:After character creation, head to ::mbox and grind out Mystery Boxes (it gets boring) -They can be sold to ticket dealer at home for 100b a piece (best option) or market for more (sucka option) -Idk if its true but (for me at least) it seems like the more penguins you kill, the more drops you get. -stay here until you get about 10T for gear. You can get it all at once or buy the gear in pieces -first gear your gonna want to buy outside flame set (which comes from squeal of fortune) is gonna be the elite pernix(3-6t a piece) along with assault rifle(500b) or scoped rifle(1-5t) 2: Once you get elite pernix and scoped rifle you can start grinding the arcade. Now your going for Super Mystery Boxes (750 arcade points, and can sell from 70-100t in the market). you get 10 points per floor of the arcade and with the inital setup youll prolly be getting around 5-7 floors every 10 mins. =300-420 points an hour. -once you get another 20t, you can buy the Asencion Crossbow (15t-20t) -Also, you can get the dream ranged potion 24Hours, for 12t-15t. -With that setup you'll be getting 9-10 floors every 5 minutes. And now you grind, Your next armor set is American Pernix (350t-850t a piece) and a Minigun( 4Q) 3: Once you get here your on your own as this was as far i got before i stopped playing. Last tips, DONT BUY: ak47, golden ak47