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  1. r3lax

    Hi, you saying (we are not offering de-irons anymore) , but in past you do , so maybe can do last time ?
  2. r3lax

    i Ask all ADM and OWN just no one writing back .... And what about ADM:Connor him don't give me item's when i buyed ...
  3. r3lax

    Hello, how change Iron Man mode to Hard Core ?
  4. r3lax

    What's the current issue? Add more tree in ::WC zone. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add in ::WC zone more: Oak tree, Willow tree, Magic tree. How will this benefit player/server? Helps player's faster cut all tipe of tree and don't need wait for spawn tree again. How could this be expanded in future? None What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) No negative effect .
  5. r3lax

    Hello Possible in ::wc zone add more oak tree, willow tree and magic tree ?
  6. r3lax

    Good idea 👍
  7. hello, can unlock r3lax ?

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      Please fill in a support ticket here to fix your issue:-


  8. r3lax

    Sad for you ? , i don't waste ....
  9. r3lax

    Hy guys do you waste xp ? ?

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