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    Hi, When an eagle nest/bird nest is looted, u keep the empty bird's nest. We could use this item for making an new potion called Extreme overload wich gives 5 minutes of of 99/200 boost to all combat stats. Wich consumes 5 bird nests using nests on an overload potion requiring an herblore level of 125. This will make the woodcutting skill lil bit profitable since the rate of getting an avery/hulk ring is rare. A small change for the eco, since those are tradeable. kind regards!
  3. Thorvak

    i think it will give the party boss a new life, i support the revamp for sure!
  4. What is the content called. -Treasure points and shop. How does it work? -Completing clue scrolls give you points; gaining points/buying costs. easy: 1 / 3 medium: 2 / 5 hard: 3 / 7 elite: 4 / 9 dream: 5 / 15 What rewards does it give? -An unique Clue scroll Master Cape,can be purchase from shop for 250k points. Unique armor, inceases the chance on clue scroll drops. How will it benefit server/players? -Persuade them for a challenge of clue scrolls. How could it be expanded in the future? -Adding more items wich are only obtainable by clue scrolls. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) -none
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