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    good luck
  2. limitbreaker

    Overall, I think automated FP was the logical solution since there had been countless times when people requested an MM/TDS. This solves that problem especially for a server with a growing player base. Automated FP has many advantages including preventing scam and more efficient gambling. However, I understand the point Joez is conveying, and I don't see any harm with a traditional manual FP area for people who prefer this route.
  3. Good update overall, but some feedback: - New training spot is great. - ::vote perk is genius - Cosmetics equipment - some bugs but I think people have already reported them. - Buff Shadow Pet since Ultron is OP and people don't have to buy it from the store. I think Shadow should still be vastly superior as the best pet in-game because you have to buy them via store/bonds. - The automated FP is a big hit and dicezone has been very active since the update. - Flowers in dicezone are stacked on each other and flowers don't show when they run into those "dices/flower pot" objects. Should remove all unnecessary objects in that room. - 750M cash for an emperor upgrade seems too steep for a money sink. I'm not sure if many people will be eager to upgrade. Perhaps add more perks or reduce the costs. - Revamp Elite Lava Strykewyrm: realistically speaking, how many people are going to sacrifice their lava sets for a 1/10 chance of getting duplicate items? I think this content should be revised for more participation. A solution would be to make those elite lava pieces interchangeable with a shop so people don't run into duplicate items.
  4. 1. Karma is a bit outdated. It's the best item sinker in the game, which the game desperately needs for a stable economy. - the price of totem sacrifice items should be reworked to entice people to sacrifice their mid/high tier items - add more item options to totem sacrifice (blizzard armour, icons, Groudons, chaos ele kits, etc) - more ways to get kismets - more karma items in the store to attract ppl to train karma 2. Raid boss revamp - add ::joinraid6 = shredder raid to the raid portal - currently raid boss is outdated for high tier players (they can essentially 1hit most bosses). It should be more of a challenge. Similarly to mega drop table in exe/plat zone, there should be an option to purchase a mega drop table for existing raid boss. These Raid Bosses would have 10-100x more hp and drop special items (TBD). 3. Revamp Seasonal Pass - It's great content, but a lot of people are dissatisfied with how slow it takes to level up their seasonal pass. There should be a rate adjustment to make it realistic so people could obtain seasonal tiers without having to use the cash option. 4. Shops revamp - slayer/revenants/achievements etc - simply put a lot of these shops are outdated and prices are not correlated with current economy, especially the slayer shop. These shops are important for low/mid tier gaming and people rely on them to make money.
  5. limitbreaker

    For revamps What's the current issue? With the new elo cap I believe there should be a feature to purchase back our elo in case we miss a day. We all have a personal life outside this game, and sometimes unexpected things arise (health, vacation, personal obligations, etc). If we miss even one day, we lose all of our hard-earned elo and this is discouraging for players who are dedicated to sustain their elo. I believe this system should be revamped for the benefit of the players and server. What's your suggested way of fixing it? 1) Instead of losing all our elo, there should only be 5-10% reduction per day missed. 2) Option to purchase back our elo with "Bonds". 1 bond = 5% elo card regain. For example, if the maximum elo earned before reset is 75%, there should be an option to purchase up to 75% elo back. How will this benefit player/server? 1) Player will not be discouraged as they have an opportunity to earn back their elo. Preventing people from quitting if they lose all their elo. 2) Server will benefit from elo card sales whilst simultaneously keeping their players happy. How could this be expanded in future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Each elo card will remove approximately 1 bond worth of items from the economy. It is stated that some future content will have elo disabled and currently elo is capped for each respective rank, so economic impact would not be substantial. Both the server and players will benefit from this.
  6. limitbreaker

    amazing guide 10/10
  7. limitbreaker

    Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. Problem: POS filled with items and it will save time for people to purchase sets instead of separate pieces. It will also make it convenient and possibly cheaper to buy sets instead of individual pieces. Solution: Implement an NPC to convert various full sets in the game, e.g. full am virtue, pernix, dream armor, etc. Thoughts?

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