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  1. Distructive

    Give this post a like Cartoon Designed on Photoshop by me Message me if you're interested in a Cartoon Design of anyone/anything.
  2. Distructive

    To be clear, players who have usernames with I I in their names are usually lured easily into wildy and they get killed.
  3. Distructive

    I suggest you re-read the whole thing twice.
  4. Wallpaper/Cover/Background Free to use Visit #ChiefStore
  5. Distructive

    Once you understand my idea you will figure it out
  6. Distructive

  7. Distructive

    You still alive? I can do you this one.
  8. Distructive

    @hc nine http://prntscr.com/lma7aa
  9. Distructive

    Here's a Design for Bodhi #ChiefStore
  10. Distructive

    Sure, on my way! Make sure to check this out guys I'd be glad
  11. Welcome to Chief Store by Distructive I'm a Graphic Designer, and I love Designing Graphics! I decided to open this Graphics' store in order to revive the Graphics' section, but to do that, I need your Help. I would like to see everybody Participate in this, whether you like Graphics or not, why don't you share an idea of a Design, why don't you be a part of this? Well.. I don't have thousands of ideas myself, I only have hundreds, and thats a good thing for a Designer. There might be tens more Graphic Designers in the Server, they also have hundreds of ideas, maybe more, lets unite all of our ideas and put them together to make DreamScape not only the God of Customes, but the God of Graphics! Beautiful ideas, designs with feelings, designs that fits the level or the rank you're in, designs of hard work Sometimes hard work doesn't accept a price, please follow my instructions below. We are going to be playing games and the prizes will be Graphics and/or In-Game Items There are going to be contests, 1 person to host, unlimited count to participate. For Example : Person 1 : Best graphic design wins 100T Participants will have to make their best designs and the most liked design will win, but there will not be only 1 winner! There will be ranks for each game hosted, for example : #1 Player70 - 100T #2 Player90 - 70T #3 Player60 - 30T --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- But not only this! There will be Graphic Designed ranks from 1ST to 3RD and by that I mean ; I will design the ranks and each winner will have his rank along with his Signature with a date on it and that will describe the contest he won when this store is tested at it's all Hosts and Sales. Make sure to Mention #ChiefStore once you're participating/hosting a game! - - - - - - - - - ------ ------ Personal Store To order a Signature / Topic design / Graphics / Banners / etc... Please submit this form in a reply: Design type : Main Text : Main Text Color(s) : Sub Text : Sub Text Color(s) : Extra Text(s) : Font(s) : Background (Optional) : Render(s) : Effect(s) : Other : Price (Can be discussed) : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Did you know that there are other Designers who can handle Designing? Graphic Designers: [Distructive] [EARN SPOT] [EARN SPOT] [EARN SPOT] [EARN SPOT] ^Each requester will be handled by one of the Designers above^ ? Thank You for being a part of this!
  12. Distructive

    Heres a gift from me to one person I think hes cool in this server. @Maikul
  13. Distructive

    Hi there! My in-game name is known as Distructive. But guess what,.. My real name is Quinton, I'm a 20 Year old guy, I'm a therapist to those who are indeed in need, I help people who struggle with life, I advice my friends in real life, I'm the type of person who doesn't like anyone around him being a "BoSs" or pretending to be one.. I'm someone who supports anyone around him, friendly to anyone, unless they make me do whatever I gotta do. Be nice to me, I be nice to you, be you to me, I be me to you, with all due respect to all of DreamScape players, I just don't like being attacked at the Revenants I work as a bartender, I learn kickboxing, but I never had to fight anyone.. Why? I'm friendly to everyone. I tend to write Rap Music, I edit Videos and publish on YouTube, I even wrote a song about DreamScape317, I work on Photoshop sometimes, I can sketch faces, items, anything, I also finished High School and went to School High. People of DreamScape317.net , I played this server for 3 weeks now, I'm still at 3Q bank or less, and it's all items and stuff from clue scrolls, I count myself slow for earning banks and making banks and stuff like this, but I'm not someone who wants a 100Q bank also, I just want to play and have fun, and share some stuff with new players who might be lucky and show up somewhere I'm at in the game. Today 21st of November 2018, I got muted because I insulted a guy who disrespected me for 2 days and kept on attacking me at Revenants, my warning was for a staff member to be watching me at the Revenants, surprisingly, a player attacked me and I responded this "............................", Got muted! But it's not a problem, I can wait a couple of days to be unmuted, problem is, I keep getting attacked at the revenants dude... Be nice and stop please : ) If you read all this and still reading this message, thanks for your time, and thats not all about me for sure, it's just that I got muted. Note: I typed all this for a reason, to stop people from attacking me at the Revenants + I don't want to see any negative replies, no need for advices, I'm just typing all this to introduce my way of thinking to the people, and not all of it, just the 0.0002 I'm willing to introduce, just kidding, I just don't want to read negative replies please. Photo of me No ugly comments pls once again.
  14. Distructive

    You don't have to ask bro, all yours
  15. Distructive

    IDK MAN im out of ideas sorry

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