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  1. Give this post a like Cartoon Designed on Photoshop by me Message me if you're interested in a Cartoon Design of anyone/anything.
  2. To be clear, players who have usernames with I I in their names are usually lured easily into wildy and they get killed.
  3. I suggest you re-read the whole thing twice.
  4. Wallpaper/Cover/Background Free to use Visit #ChiefStore
  5. Once you understand my idea you will figure it out
  6. You still alive? I can do you this one.
  7. Here's a Design for Bodhi #ChiefStore
  8. Sure, on my way! Make sure to check this out guys I'd be glad
  9. Welcome to Chief Store by Distructive I'm a Graphic Designer, and I love Designing Graphics! I decided to open this Graphics' store in order to revive the Graphics' section, but to do that, I need your Help. I would like to see everybody Participate in this, whether you like Graphics or not, why don't you share an idea of a Design, why don't you be a part of this? Well.. I don't have thousands of ideas myself, I only have hundreds, and thats a good thing for a Designer. There might be tens more Graphic Designers in the Server, they also have hundreds of i
  10. Heres a gift from me to one person I think hes cool in this server. @Maikul
  11. Hi there! My in-game name is known as Distructive. But guess what,.. My real name is Quinton, I'm a 20 Year old guy, I'm a therapist to those who are indeed in need, I help people who struggle with life, I advice my friends in real life, I'm the type of person who doesn't like anyone around him being a "BoSs" or pretending to be one.. I'm someone who supports anyone around him, friendly to anyone, unless they make me do whatever I gotta do. Be nice to me, I be nice to you, be you to me, I be me to you, with all due respect to all of DreamScape players, I just don't like being at
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