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    Dear Santa, I do not want a lot for Christmas. There a just a few things I need. I do not care about the items underneath the Christmas tree. I do not need to open boxes, in order to get what I want. Dreamscape Santa won’t make me happy, with a sponsor or executive cape. I just want a pizza for my own, more then you could ever know. Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas, is: 1. A nice double pepperoni pizza 2. A tasty pizza Calzone 3. A big bag of pizza rolls 4. A medium, sweet pizza Hawaii (haters gonna hate) 5. And last but not least: A giant 60k olaf drystreak so I can join the people complaining in yells about their drystreaks. Dear santa, thanks for taking my list into consideration, I hoped you enjoyed me singing and please, get yourself a pizza as well!