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  1. Password plz

    This would be a great suggestion,but... I don't think it should apply to raids bosses, corp or oblivion dragon
  2. Password plz

    I am cowman V2... EDIT: Also this was the first suggestion about revs
  3. Password plz

    I refer you to my previous response
  4. Password plz

    Empty that gear it's junk. Just punch stuff
  5. Password plz

  6. Password plz

    not really relevant, but corp is a perfectly fine task now since it was updated with much faster respawns and instances. it's an easy task now.
  7. Password plz

    for clarity i'm referring the pk points from actual pking with that comment ❤️ plz no ban me
  8. Password plz

    Nice of you to introduce yourself. If I may say so however,you legit suck at PvP XD
  9. Password plz

    Main Text: Big Boi Cowman Sub text: Always cleaned Font(s): Size: 2560 x 1440 Render: your discretion Background/specific images: your discretion again Style: as above, your discretion Other information: would like to incorporate a cow and gambling will pay a collectors necklace and an aqua ss
  10. Password plz

    If i may combat this point. even if they did, the pkp is still lower than farming the revs themselves. due to the anti farm mechanics you would require 9 different people with a 2 minute interval between kills in order to consistently farm pkp, I have tested this myself
  11. Password plz

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? Pvp rewards are shocking, a 56 killstreak rewards less PK points than a tier 3 emblem... Did this just not get tested?What's your suggested way of fixing it? buff PK points from PKing, i'd suggest 2 points per kill, 2 bonus points for target kill, 1 extra point per kill for killstreak...How will this benefit player/server? Pvp would not be dead content, revs would be high risk/high rewardHow could this be expanded in future? n/aWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) none
  12. Password plz

    35k definitely
  13. Password plz

  14. Password plz

    rather than "biggest pots" maybe more "most posts (over a certain value)" so as to avoid just awarding the richest but to include all members of community

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