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  1. raged0411

    And thats why i said Dev team will have to do abit of deciding on how to give it a downside, maybe there is a chance it rerolls for something not as good. So i have 4 m4 asi, and i reroll 3, maybe 1 rolls for a golden ak...worse, 2nd rolls for a Bazooka, not better but its different and does something different so im still happy. Reroll a long claw, and it rolls for a scythe, awesome a completely diff wep that is useful, and 2nd long claw rerolls for infinity guant, not as good as long or EKS, but at least its something u can use. Doesnt have to be exact value, just like a ballpark range to keep it useful. Like i would happily give up one of my asimovs for a bazooka, 100$ less in value but its just different, and might be useful in a different situation rather then have 3 extra items that can never be used. And i think obviously u wanna keep it kinda limited, like reroll a wep, can only get a wep, so u dont get people rerolling longclaws and getting a full crystal set just becasue they are same value. And that instance thing is a good idea, get reroll tickets via doing instance or whatever devs decide for that matter, maybe after 200 raids u get 1 reroll ticket or something. They can figure out what seems fair and go with that.
  2. raged0411

    I think there should be a system that allows ironmen to reroll certain items. Now not saying all items, but as a ironman, and a donor it really sucks to be sitting on 4 M4 asi's, 3 longclaws, 2 EKs and so on, would be really cool if there was a system that we could reroll to something of same item value. Now obviously there has to be a downside, so make it 100% random and if more downside is needed ill leave that up to the dev team to decide. But right now reg accts just sell extra items, ironmen are stuck with very very expensive, but completely useless items that they have won from donations and stuff. But i would be willing to take a risk on some of my stuff for a chance to get something useful even if its not as good as what i had, at least it isnt the same thing.

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