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  1. bobbywalrus

    keep us updated on how far ya get man its always nice to see what other players are achieving
  2. bobbywalrus

    glad to hear 😄 keep going get rich big boi
  3. bobbywalrus

    nice dude cant wait to see the next few updates
  4. bobbywalrus

    keep updating this let us see how it has been going
  5. bobbywalrus

    thanks for this man wanted to know about what the loot was like from them.
  6. bobbywalrus

    woah real juicy!
  7. bobbywalrus

    thanx for this drax 😄
  8. bobbywalrus

    very well made does any body know of when the next update will be occuring?
  9. bobbywalrus

    very well writen in the would love to see some future content
  10. bobbywalrus

    this is actually very well made thanks for this bud glad to see some okay money making methods
  11. bobbywalrus

    Hey everybody what do you do while you play dreamscape? very off topic yes but interesting question in my opinion. whether it be watch a movie,listen to music or even draw pictures maybe. what ever it is drop a reply below. try to even include the show that you are watching now maybe what movie your watching,what song your listening to,your favorite song,band,movie and show. its an odd topic bud i really would like to know what the community is more like. what are yall instrests. leave a comment
  12. If anybody has a suggestion towards possible guides please let me know. K3 :)


  13. does anybody know of physical drop rate is of most monsters or is there not really a table out yet anywhere?

  14. i am loving the new updates 😄

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