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  1. Cinematic

  2. Cinematic

    Woah thats some serious stuff right there
  3. Cinematic

    I like the idea but in what way will it be better to scoped u or AR? I mean they are both solid weapon and I don't see why wouldnt i simply save like 2 more trillions to jump from glock to scoped u
  4. Cinematic

    Dammnn thats sick bro
  5. Image too large wont upload pics lol

  6. Thats some nice maths haha imagine someone holding 1k olaf cape insanely patient haha
  7. Cinematic

    Lit af can we hit 1000 before december?
  8. Cinematic

    Welcome to the server man we have a great community here
  9. Cinematic

  10. Cinematic

    Thank you for your time here got many memories of you at vendura
  11. lmao sorry for flooding forum gotta give my opinions 

  12. Cinematic

    Vouch! They takes a few more seconds compare to other mini npc respawn time
  13. Cinematic

    juicy juicy Will create a saving account for ds hehehe

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