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  1. Cinematic

    AND ANOTHER ONE Thank you for all the donations for keeping this server alive more then ever
  2. It nice to bring back runescape history well done
  3. Cinematic

    Nice guide to 99 very cool drax
  4. Cinematic

    *KNOCK KNOCK* Who's there Theodore Theodore who ? Theodore is locked so I knocked xdxdxdxd Ign Cinematic
  5. Cinematic

    Irl day with the admin now that's an amazing reward
  6. Cinematic

    Good luck to everyone !
  7. Cinematic

    Good alternative jason! You can learn to cook on campus honestly you can get creative with the stuff you already own, microwave blender and probably a panini machine? Anyway making your own lunch is much cheaper than eating out all the time haha. For coffee addiction, I personally swap for tea I like Orange Pekeo and Vanilla Chai tea I still add milk and some honey to it In my case, my new year resolution is continuing the one from last year which is losing weight and learning more dance move. There's never a stopping point I've lost 10lbs which is pretty good for me I'm trying to go for 20lbs more this year. As for the dancing goal, I'll try to join a class this year. I've noticed that my dance move are very limited compared to what I see on the street Happy new years to you and hope to see you in game again
  8. Cinematic


    This gear took me at least 4 days playtime back in the days haha you'll go places Welcome!
  9. Cinematic

    I would love to give it a try on being one I do have a lot of knowledge toward the mid-game and arcade tactics
  10. Cinematic

    I do think it’s a fair decision because those players get the privilege to one shot npc after all. It does not matter how much you can kill in an hour. 500 limitations make sense because there wouldnt be a broken balance between sponsor and f2p. After reaching the limit, sponsor can still continue to grind the normal way along with other non sponsor. Although, I would boost the limit to 1000 one shot kill npc for executive because they invested more money for benefits
  11. Cinematic

    I like the idea of limiting certain feature for sponsor+ Personally, I think the high scoreboard should be separate in 2 Sponsor+ and regular players. No way in hell will I be able to catch up with someone who is able to one hit multiples targets in a flash. However, I suggest a higher limit since they can basically do 100 in less than 10 minutes. I mean they still paid fat money for this feature after all 500 is fair in my opinion But hey, we can't blame them! It is simply more entertaining to play it that way. However, I do think some items should be able to be obtainable in game such as endgame weapon like EKS, BFG9000, Minigun, Longclaw, Bazooka and some endgame gear aswell: Auras, Anguish/Berserker/Mystic glove (I mean if I want to get it for free I have to get 75 days of play time to get space boxing gloves) American boxing gloves and other store only items. My point is, gears shouldn't only be obtainable through a transaction and insane rng on micro transaction boxes. I'm talking through the perspective of an Ironman the regular players buy it with players interactions. Although, limited gear such as Centurion torva and other cosmetics should remain in the ds store only because it deserves it spot. I do believe in a game where Ironman can complete arcade without the obligation to use irl money to succeed. Although the game remain hard to play regardless.Gotta admit, in order to really enjoy the server, you need the mid-game gear: American/elite Torva, silver space sword/golden AK-47/soulflare because the grind is very demanding and the monster that keep on too op for the mid game and more toward the end game players. I do agree that the gasp between end-game and early game is large. My solution: You could make the mid-tier gear more accessible to the mid-tier boss and not raid boss because I do consider raid are end game feature. Why not take those items drop by wildy boss, more challenging and rewarding for those who are willing to risk to get there. From what I've seen many times, People get impatient really quickly due to the fact drop rate is straight up to high. So they end up hitting the dicezone and gamble their money away. This is what the server has become for me in my opinion. Sure there is some player who plays other minigames but many team minigames are dead due to the fact people rather grind or gamble in here. It has come to a point where its a standard for someone to give the winner prices in Battleground to attract other players. Personally, I would lower the player requirement to 6 because it would be more suitable for the 200+ player base server. Castle wars reward isn't worth to play due to the fact people already are way past those gear in general. My solution, rework those rewards. (I suggest adding those op gloves here) People would actually get hype again in castle wars. This server deserves more than staff member encouraging players to hit the dicezone and get rich. I've seen many players losing interest after being clean. The grind is too hard to come back so they end up quitting. I know, I know, gambling is gambling but I just don't think Dicezone should be the main attraction of Dreamscape Tl;dr Sponsor+ should have 500 insta kill per day instead of 100 because they paid big boy money Every weapons/ gears except exclusive and limited stuff should be obtainable in game Make mid-tier gear/weapon more accessible for 2 day old players Don't make gambling the main source of your game and focus on reworking dead minigame
  12. Ign Cinematic Happy Holidays
  13. Cinematic

    262 easiest way to get veteran xd