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  1. hc nine

    i must say these are valid , i had a iron / still do but i barely use him cause of certain reasons like this , only reason i had frostbite staff on him was cause i donated and got out a goodie bag if i had never got it i wouldnt of made it so long as one.
  2. hc nine

    haha i love mine
  3. I was reading and about half way i stopped... i have noticed how much you have wrong in this guide and dont realize how prayers work amongst other things , i feel as tho you did this just a few times in order to make a some what accurate post although a good bit is correct you still messed up on this guide a lot , i wont tell you all where i will leave that to you to figure out besides if i pointed it all out for you... you wouldnt get to learn where you made your mistakes and its better to figure it out on your own please re do this guide before a lot of others realize where you all went wrong at.
  4. hc nine

    just testing see how sig looks ?
  5. hc nine

    Design type : mmmm , try to put a character that is fighting like 3 players or few bad ass monsters fighting him(which would be me of course they are fighting) Main Text : for the nine! Main Text Color(s) : make them amazing Sub Text : the realm of darkness shall consume all Sub Text Color(s) : make it amazing as well Extra Text(s) : guardian of the nine realms Font(s) : make as you see fit Background (Optional) : make a amazing back ground basically Render(s) : ill leave this to you since idk about designs Effect(s) : ill leave this to you since idk about designs Other : uhm not sure Price (Can be discussed) : we wil ltalk via ingame since you know me.
  6. hc nine

    this is a very good idea , imo it should at least have khione's in drop table due to that only being for sponsor's and not every can afford that , so it would be good at least see that enter drop table on it for you're regular player's not just for sponsor's or executive's.
  7. hc nine

    definitely will bro
  8. hc nine

    So I have heard in-game that you need necro jr and averys for raiden , Well im gonna say that is actually not accurate , I have done raiden in oblivion armor with frostbite staff up to 19 kills all solo except maybe 1 or 2 either way i didn't need the help I figured out a few things. 1. my set up is : oblivion armor with scythe , glass wings , aqua ss , mystic gloves and , ring of fortune , and funny mbox pet lmao. 2. only brought food just rainbow fish honestly 3. zero pots what so ever , also entered with 0 prayer. Okay now to explain why no pots and zero prayer , for one your pots take up room and honestly they aren't worth a dang their due to how he eats your prayer , Also when your praying it makes him use his stuff more often like drain or soul drain taking your health and as well prayer , which i dont think you want also i noticed between times i did use he tended to hit me for 4s and 6s and other lows here and their with out attacking as i attacked so i knew right then prayer was useless cause he will deal damage back to you for what your ss takes , Regardless do not bring prayer unless you got heli or something that keeps prayer up then your good. I also explained when to eat in video how to do it basically if your like me , Then my video is for you hope ya'll enjoy I know i did since i hadn't made a video in over 4 week's.
  9. hc nine

    just wanted to post this ? not entering event either
  10. hc nine

    shou change ole boy who is overly rich player to hc beatz xD the way he is buying donos. im not stealing this nor entering xD just wanted to imply that
  11. hc nine

    jesus xD well why go for whips off bro pm xD
  12. hc nine

    to me this post make's no sense, as to where me and k0 had already talked ingame, he made first idea on revamping revs with better suggestions on this i feel as though you copied another players idea that u saw saw it via ingame, and honestly by the way you are talking i am sorry but i dont think you have spent much time at revs like me and others have i was their 24/7 on hc nine and n1n3 and dont ever recall anyone else hitting 50+ kill streak besides cowman v2. i say : no to this due to fact your info on this stuff is actually not accurate at all , plus calling out that it was not tested when i know for fact drax and his team have tested this way more than u can probably count before it was released. again i am truly sorry but i am stating facts i see.
  13. @grimson thanks bro currently trying to gain some kind of bank to make more been in a rough spot lately sadly
  14. thanks :) currently working on a iron man i hope i can at least make some cash again from my alt so i can get it back in action i decided to start new , but will still make videos as i get the gear on my alt again
  15. hc nine

    congratz to you both bro! wish ya'll the best of luck! ?

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