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  1. WattDaPlaya

    Well for some people who's starting out the bonus stats might serve as an additional boost or help for them, but hey everyone likes a buff don't they? 😛 Hahaha yeah! But for those with starting equipment might need the additional buff they can get in my personal opinion. Great idea! Maybe make it not too difficult to obtain like drops from bosses in a form of scroll.
  2. WattDaPlaya

    Hey there! Currently there's only turmoil that's available in the ancient curses which is for the melee class. My suggestion is to possibly add Anguish (Range) and Torment (Mage) to help balance it out for other combat classes as well. If there's also a chance to add in the newest curse Malevolence, Desolation, and Affliction that would be awesome too! Hopefully this will be taken under consideration. Cheers~ ^^