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  1. Maikul

    Good luck
  2. Time to try out that Star Wars raid!
  3. Maikul

    Congrata! Trying to catch you since you posted this but never see you on, what are your login times? 😂
  4. Maikul

    Giving my Vouch. Thanks for taking the time to put up this suggestion!
  5. @Amfisca You're already over the 5 entries max! Too fast :p
  6. Good luck guys! I start to work at 2 EST till 9 :/
  7. Maikul

    Congratulations! Thanks for hosting these, it gives me some kind of goal
  8. Great fixes and adds! Can the following be implented for Avengers Arcade as well? Still TP Home, Thanks ! "Completing Arcade will now teleport you back to the front of the Arcade console."
  9. Maikul

    Ohoh, looks like a very interesting thing to do! Grats on all the loots!
  10. Thanks for this update! ::switchkc is amazing and can't wait to try the hell arcade!
  11. Maikul

    Vouch and Vouch! Having these two items stackable would be awesome.
  12. Maikul

    Number 15 ! Thank you

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