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  1. Ikhez

  2. Another nice video! Will keep an eye on that serie 😛
  3. Ikhez

    Welcome back and congrats on the loots! I am myself trying to get the Jr and it's not easy :c
  4. Ikhez

    Hey welcome back around! Hope you'll enjoy your stay for the time you'll be here
  5. Thanks for the video! I took some info out of this to help me a little in my Arcades games!
  6. Ikhez

    I am as well for this suggestion. I started not a while ago and still didn't get any worth drop.. Which I mean atleast some T, not even.
  7. @s0nofg0d "Support threads are replied to within 48 hrs in chronological order, do not ask for your thread to be checked. Wait patiently for it to be handled."

  8. Ikhez

    Here's my first attempt 😄