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  1. karim8

    This is gonna help so much starters nice dude!
  2. When r the results?
  3. im going for this goodluck!
  4. nice update hey drax can u prestige my comp acc? iron karim?
  5. karim8

    welcome back bby i see u made a very strong start!
  6. karim8

    Some nice thread u got there cue nice goodjob! I like it
  7. karim8

    damn that seems lit!!
  8. ign karim358 discord name karim#1534 im executive before the event starts!! if cue gets on lel
  9. karim8

    Not sure but soon
  10. thanks dev team! amazing update!
  11. Ign karim358 Discord karim#1534
  12. Ign karim358 Discord karim#1534 Glglgl
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