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  1. goodluck all cant join sadly 😥
  2. HC_EPIC

    we need to give some love for skillers. there should be skilling sets like lumber jack + firemaking one + mining one + add colors for the graceful set and add some customs sets 😄 hope you like my small suggestion for skillers
  3. HC_EPIC

    Im ext but i will suggest for donators 1-new donor dungeon which have penguins and some other starter npcs 2-5% drop rate 3-new simple minigame which gives 250b or 500b or 1t
  4. IGN : Hc Epic (ext donor rank) Discord : moahmmed abdulkhaleq#5222
  5. IGN : Hc epic Timezone : GMT +3
  6. HC_EPIC

    https://gyazo.com/8083094aa2283ecb1a096b9da16e222d https://gyazo.com/049afa21941a3dc505b259515f09aae5
  7. HC_EPIC

    Great suggestion
  8. HC_EPIC

    IGN : hc epic wish i win 😄 goodluck all
  9. HC_EPIC

    Cant join 😞 this time is bad for my time zone
  10. HC_EPIC

    good suggestion and you need to be careful next time my dude