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  1. HC_EPIC

    Dear big babby (santa) thia is my list: 1-boxing loves 2-m4a4 asiimov 3-archers cape 4-link set 5-arches boots All items = my dream
  2. HC_EPIC

    Relly geart idea i love it
  3. HC_EPIC

    IGN : hc epic 😛 Happy Christmas everyone
  4. HC_EPIC

    It's cool suggestion. and what drops should voldemort drop?
  5. HC_EPIC

    this would be so cool and fun man i wish they add it
  6. HC_EPIC

    IGN : Hc epic rank ingame : Extreme donator Proof : https://gyazo.com/fe33339b634518b6067260c087b2140c
  7. people should chose the difficulty of slayer tasks like someone who got bad gear should chose easy slayer task / someone who got medium armor and weapon can do medium tasks / and finally who got overpower gear should do hard tasks easy task = 15 points medium task = 20 hard task = 25 i hope its good suggestion for slayer tasks and pvmers 😄
  8. HC_EPIC

    zourlah will be good boss on custom server drop table will be 1-custom blowpipes 2-zurlah scales 3-noted potions and foods 4-three zurlah pets 5-alot of random items i hope its good suggestions for pvmers 😄