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  1. HC_EPIC

    Great suggestion
  2. HC_EPIC

    IGN : hc epic wish i win 😄 goodluck all
  3. HC_EPIC

    Cant join 😞 this time is bad for my time zone
  4. HC_EPIC

    payout with bowow btw
  5. HC_EPIC

    good suggestion and you need to be careful next time my dude
  6. Username: Hc epic Total In-Game Time: 13:10:59 Timezone: GMT +3 Payouts (Screenshots): sent to bowwow Bank (Screenshots): https://gyazo.com/9bede2757f4f652ce33382611cf5a7fc Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: to spend my free time on dreamscape and i love gambling and help the gamblers If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: if he came's to me and he said he got scammed without proof i will tell him to record next time so we can help him
  7. HC_EPIC

    knock knock who is there? hatch hatch who? bless you and please cover you mouth next time
  8. HC_EPIC

    nice idea too 😛
  9. HC_EPIC

    New minigame suggestion Weapons game We spawn in a place like zombies. Place will be multi area. We will spawn with no weapon then after killing players 1 kill = weapon upgrade. Weapons will be 1-no weapon 2-iron dagger 3-mithril dagger 4-adamant dagger 5-rune dagger 6-dragon dagger 7-whip 8-tent whip 9-saradomin sword 10-sgs 11-zgs 12-bgs 13-ags. Who will reaxh the firat 13 kills will win each kill = 1 point win = 10 points. Max players is 10. Hope it is cool suggestion 😀
  10. HC_EPIC

    easter event will be like a daily rewards [or] killing npcs to get easter shards. easter shards for the easter chest. easter chest will contains cool rewards + the easter gear which is the easter set + easter ring will turns you into easter egg. we need 500 [or] 1000 easter shards to roll the chest. hope its a cool suggestion for the event ❤️
  11. HC_EPIC

    good idea, i would to see it ingame
  12. HC_EPIC

    ty for event
  13. HC_EPIC

    Very good idea but u think 99/200 overpowered i think 99/170 is better