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  1. HC_EPIC

    BIG vouch for me Great idea
  2. HC_EPIC

    Nice idea
  3. HC_EPIC


    best events ever
  4. HC_EPIC


    Good luck all
  5. HC_EPIC

    Vouch for me
  6. HC_EPIC

    hope everyone will enjoy it 😄
  7. HC_EPIC

    vouch!!!!!!!!!!! would love to see it!
  8. HC_EPIC

  9. HC_EPIC

  10. HC_EPIC

    For new contentWhat is the content called gourp ironmam How does it work? when you make a new account you have to chose a game mode which is called (group ironman) after doing the account there should be a place to creat the group and invite other ironmens and maximum 3-5 players in a group and they can trade with each other What rewards does it give? / How will it benefit server/players? ironman would be more enjoyable and more fun How could it be expanded in the future? / What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) /
  11. HC_EPIC

    great idea! vouch for me
  12. HC_EPIC

    Big vouch!
  13. goodluck all cant join sadly 😥

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