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    I see all you're saying are good point. all i'm gonna say is that it wouldnt need new boxes to get these items, they could be added to older boxes. about items, they don't have to be the strongest in-game, say kodai wand, let it be in the middle of obliv scythe and eks, because jump from a 5q item to 40q items is kinda big, so it would be nice to have a mage weapon somehwere between those prices. The same thing is with twisted buckler. right now ranged offhands are bfg 9000 offhand and ascensions xbow offhand, prices between them are over 100q. And ok if defensive isn't that good to add to the game always a chance for a middle way or make it offenive. About ancestral robes i see the problem, too many mage gear, not really needed. And about twisted bow, it wouldnt actually work out very good yeah, so another idea i have is to add custom mid-class 1 handed bow, so also twisted buckler would be used. And there's always a chance to add drop rate, double drop rate or luck to those items, which makes them more or less valuable.
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    My idea is to add more team raids like there is ToB and Avengers. The point of it is to have more fun with others, than just solo camp some bosses. Example of a raid to add: Ghambers of Xeric That includes some new items: Twisted bow - basically make it the same as in OSRS. Strong against bosses who deal magic damage. Twisted Buckler - a strong defensive ranged offhand, which i don't think there is in the game right now. Ancestral robes - low defensive bonuses, high damage and accuracy. Kodai wand - the raid itself drops kodai insignia, which if added to elder wand makes kodai wand. How does it work: The raid itself would look like it does in OSRS. 7 Bosses (Tekton, Vespula, Vanguard, Ice Demon, Muttadiles, Vasa Nistirio, Great Olm). Killing the final boss earns you a random drop. The rewards it gives: All the main awards are stated up. add some random common, uncommon drops to the table so every run grants a drop. How will it benefit server: add the items to the store + boxes. Makes people buy more boxes or the items itself. makes elder wand more wanted. How will it benefit players: more fun to do team raids, new items to strive for. How could it be expanded in the future: add some more custom items to the drop table. Negative effects: changes the eco (prices of other items). all the items should be overpowered ( not the strongest but somewhere in the middle), might leave some items to the side and not bought that much (i doubt it). Thanks you for your time. I think it's a good idea and really goes through.
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