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  1. arza

    welcome my brother, hope you're like the rest of us and stick around for the long haul this rsps has to offer. its addicting. truly is. you might find yourself gone for a couple of months but guess what. dreamscape calls baby. x) enjoy you time here. if you need anything hmu ~ Arza
  2. arza


    I wish that was my case, I grind just to stake
  3. arza

    This seems like a reachable quality of life update that can come out in the future. Let’s hope this post gets noticed! bump
  4. arza

    Very nice and informative guide, even someone who isn’t an Ironman can hop in here and get something from it. Keep up the good work!
  5. Jeez that 5000$ might be worth it let me tell ya 👀
  6. arza


    Welcome back! I’m on the same road you are x) get cleaned and come back later. Catch me at ::mbox
  7. arza

    Agreed, I was just about to comment this. Maybe a fresh update to the gear section in general, add in everything that’s new and that people can strive for. Update on the price guide as well since it’s unknown for a couple of items.
  8. arza

    Hello, I’d like to see a “late game” guide for those of us who have been here for a while and only take those breaks in between bank stakes after getting cleaned. This guide could include the best method/efficient method to gain bank with the advantage of having an owner cape. i understand someone could just do ::mbox and slay the alpha penguin non stop but like I said, I’d like to see different options that work for you or options maybe newer players who come back to DS can know about. I have personally been finding myself learning more and more from seeing other people talk in /help chat. please let me know if something like this is possible or interesting! i may just have a lazy mentality and instead of finding all this out myself I’m looking for the answers from someone else x) let me know all your thoughts down below. Best regards ~ Arza
  9. I only saw the first part, I was about to say 😡😡 lmao
  10. I recently started playing again and had no idea what the whole DS coins where! This is very helpful
  11. arza

    Thank you guys
  12. arza

    Hello everyone, Arza here!!! sounded like a youtube intro huh. welp im back, last time i played DS was around 2016, i feel like a lot is new or maybe i wasnt really paying much attention back then. i love the server more than before and i cant wait to see all of you guys in the boss rooms or at ::raids which is new, and if you ever catch me at ::dicezone pls drag me out haha.

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