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  1. ss aero

    wait i thought we had trusted dicers not an actual helper rank. if so my bad lol and delete this 😄
  2. ss aero

    I think it would be nice to have a step under mods with maybe like a little ! in a bubble or whatever that would be a dedicated helper. for players who want to help frequently and dont exactly want to be mods or maybe can be the step before getting a staff position.(however the staff/ community seems fit) overall they would be on and able to maybe kick people from chat being disruptive, maybe even mute if needed, and teleto people aswell(if needed). dont see a reason for them to need to teletome command since people dont get stuck much and pvp is safe so cant go anywhere that could be risky or lose items. but overall they would take a load off the mods and admins over easier helps like finding stuff and getting incontact with staff if need be. the overall goal would be to help make staffs jobs overall easier and have more people who can help out outside of the cc. i think it could help the community and add more players who would help more frequently and who doesn't like a cool little icon beside their name 😄willing to accept any suggestions to this. and or changes as a whole