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  1. Oh my god... So many new awesome things! LOVING THIS! ❤️ #DSGANG
  2. HcMylly

    @DRAX My suggestion: Add these items with new rarity (Dream) Items to Add w/rarity: Elite Torva/Pernix/Virtus pieces (Rare) , American Torva,Pernix,Virtus pieces (Very Rare) , Ice Katana (Rare) , Ice Offhand (Very Rare), Space Jam Sword (Very Rare) , Space Jam Sword U (Dream) , Golden AK-47 (Very Rare) , Assault Rifle (Rare) , Inga Set pieces (Very Rare) , Infernal Set pieces (Dream) , SoulFlare (Dream) , Boxing gloves (Dream) , Ring Of Wealth i (Dream) , Collectors Necklace (Dream) , Donator Ticket (Very Rare) , Super Donator Ticket (Dream)
  3. HcMylly

    Gives error when I open the links. Click "Insert other media" And "Insert image from URL" and copypaste the picture link in the box. That way it posts the picture directly in the chatbox. If you dont know how to do it go to https://imgur.com/upload and when uploaded either copypaste the link here or do what i said earlier
  4. HcMylly

    Gl guys! 1 of each gender ?
  5. HcMylly

    @Lil Bowwow Might want to remove the other thread 22440 , You have 2 of these up atm This sounds epic! I love the idea! Would also LOVE to see custom items added for the tokens with dicezone theme such as dicezone cape , hat etc etc Bring some fashionscape love for the gamblers who spend a lot of their time at the dicezone!
  6. HcMylly

    Quality event once again! Heres my entry ?(And yes, I did change my gender for this *cough* CATFISH) #DSGANG
  7. HcMylly

    Love seeing other gfx peoples work! Keep em coming
  8. HcMylly

    Thank you for correcting me! I edited them to sdz Haha ill write with different color from now on then! ?
  9. So, At the moment I believe there is three different areas for killing mini bosses right? One North of ::home at shops which costs 500m cash to enter and everyone can go there, One at ::sdz (super donator zone), And one at Ownercape place? I am not actually 100% sure about that last one because I dont have Ownercape. Anyways, The problem in my opinion with these areas is that especially the 500m entry area is usually packed by players and there is simply not enough mini bosses in the areas. ::sdz and 500m cash area both have 2 floors and both floors include 1 of each mini bosses which is simply not enough. My suggestion is that the amount of mini bosses at the current areas are increased/spawn timer reduced OR completely new slayer area that would include a fair amount of ALL the regular slayer npc's. At current rate doing 1 task takes a long time even if you kill the mini bosses in 2 seconds you spend most of the time waiting for another one to spawn which can be highly annoying and usually you end up getting crashed at 500m entry area because of the amount of players that are in there trying to do their tasks. I feel like with my suggestion it would make Slayer much more enjoyable to grind because you wouldnt have to constantly wait for another respawn/another player to finish their task. Below are pictures of the current areas (500m entry&::sdz)
  10. HcMylly

    Well i mean he did lose like 2 quint a day ago so this might be up to date news soon ? Hopefully not tho!
  11. HcMylly

    Hey buddy! Welcome back! If you have any questions at all feel free to add me ingame "hcmylly" ill try to answer all questions
  12. HcMylly

    I believe he already did ?
  13. HcMylly

    Maybe add item that are worth max 200-500t too? Like with dream drop rates or something.
  14. Good luck buddy! I was thinking of doing one myself too but i am busy with Wiki GFX ? Saw your portfolio! Sick job dude! ?
  15. HcMylly

    Damn! Congrats man!

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