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  1. Good luck buddy! I was thinking of doing one myself too but i am busy with Wiki GFX 😄 Saw your portfolio! Sick job dude! 👍
  2. HcMylly

    Damn! Congrats man!
  3. HcMylly

    Yeah basically the same as GE is what i ment. Atm we can only put stuff to sell overnight but we cant buy items overnight while being offline.
  4. HcMylly

    Sad to see you go mate... I never got a chance to get to know you since i am a new guy but i hope we will still see you sometimes and i get a chance to speak to you! I hope life treats you well buddy
  5. HcMylly

    Welcome back buddy!
  6. HcMylly

    Yeah it basically reserves the cash/items you want to offer for an item and shows your offer on the store for people to see. This system would allow people to buy stuff even when being offline so we wouldnt have to use so much time trying to buy stuff in yell or just wait for someone to have something you want in their pos.
  7. HcMylly

    I dont think you guys got the point here 😄 I knew that i was explaining it pretty badly... What i ment was basically a shop where you can select an item you want to buy and the money/items you want to pay for it and it puts it up for your "buy store" and people who has extra items could go browse those stores and see what people are buying and they could just sell the item instantly without the buyer even being online. Basically just same a player owned store at the moment but for buying. I can try to demonstrate it better if im still being too unclear 😄
  8. HcMylly

    Damn bro 😞 Hope to still see you sometimes!
  9. HcMylly

    Username: HcmyllyRank In-game: Extreme Donator Proof (screenshot):
  10. HcMylly

    So, I dont know if it would be possible but kinda like player owned store but for buying too. So basically people could search for an certain item they need but instead of constantly yelling/trying to find seller or wait for someone to have the item in their pos they could search for the item in buying market and put a price they want to pay for them and it takes the money from your pouch/inventory. People with that item could then go and see that someone is buying that item for this much in their buy store and they can just press "sell (x amount) for (x amount) to (player)". I dont know if i explained it in a weird way but i mean basically the same as player owned store at the moment but for buying items. Would be unique and useful feature so we could buy items even when we are not online. - Best regards Mylly
  11. HcMylly

    Well, Time to grind slayer! Awesome!